Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Happenings....

Kyle and Aaron have been taking their swim classes at Candlewood Lake  
We had a family Reunion which I didn't take alot of pictures here is one of Jase getting his batman tattoo from Eddie
 A page I did this picture was taken in October 2010 at Juanita & Eddie's wedding one of my favorite pictures of Jase showing off his beautiful hair!
I finally found Jase PSP I hid it a few months ago and finally found it in my closet! And the best news this picture we have finally got him off the binkie! now for potty training not going as well as the binkie purge!
 Here is another layout I did using my Feb Noel Mignon kit best kits in the world packed jammed with everything you need to make a few (5+)pages!~
 Me and Jase in my room being silly was trying to get that we both had our 4th of July shirt didn't       realize it til the end of the day!
 Finally got the pool up and Joe came up for a week and half the boys had a great time with him!
 We also went down to NJ for a couple of days to see Pop-pop and also went to Pt.Pleasant boardwalk and iPlay America new thing the boys loved indoor amusement park!
           Jase in his spider -man outfit he went to see the movies with the boys and loved it!
That is pretty much my summer the lake hanging out with the boys!Oh I did get a Silhouette I did make a cool Daily Notes notebook I found a video on Youtube that i copied pretty cool toy!
boys have about 3wks til school starts and hope to be able to have some quiet time and some scrap time since i will just have Jase til he starts 2wks after them!
Also Some Odd Girl Blog Hop is having a blog hop til August 5th go and check out their new additions Prep Puppy and Kaylee's Closet stinking adorable!! If I don't win I will be buying b/c they are too adorable to pass up!

I am off tomorrow to NJ for my 20th reunion I can't believe its possible but I guess it is! Looking forward to seeing some friends that I have not seen in a while!

love love talk to you all soon enjoy your summer!
I am counting the days down!

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