Monday, January 19, 2009

long time no blog

In random order..haven't updated in awhile but since my favorite hang out place Tally is down I should update my blog..been a crazy few weeks lot going on here not ready to share with blog world.. anywhoo here is K&A playing the Wii love to play Star Wars my baby boy.he looks soo much like his mama!
isn't he adorable!!
just love his

his hair is cleaned its some special stuff I use on his scalp he has bad craddle cap.
This was our grand find at the Goodwill Store..I was actually going to buy it online at Target for $80 bucks plus $20shipping but didn't want to spend that much in we were dropping stuff off at the goodWill store and went to go see and found this his MegaSaucer Brand NEW!!! not even open and guess how much we paid for it??$15bucks that is right that is not a typ-O $15 freaking dollars!!super excited!!love when you get a bargin!!

the boys with Princess who very soon maybe leaving our house..she has been really acting crazy since the baby came...

A few layouts i have done i know not much..sigh... Moon Boots my tribute to Napoleon Dynamite

I think i posted this in my previous post but whatevera!haha

Minda did a challenge where she gave each of us who signed up a challenge of our own mine was to scrap a day in my life with pictures..all my journaling is on the back was super busy that day!guess makes it more interesting than me sitting home doing house stuff!Thanks Minda had lots of fun :)

Thanks for stopping by if you please stop and say 'hello' now that someONE does read my little blog :)makes me feel a little special ;)
TFL...muwah xoxo

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1 day til Friday....

8 days later! Hope you had a great New Year ours was pretty boring!
anywhoo i haven't done too much scrapping figured i would share the 3 things that i have done.
Have not had the energy at night to scrap and school started back this week THANK GOODNESS!!! Monday I had to work and Tuesday I had to take Jase to his 6 months (I know already!!)check-up he is doing great he is weighing in at 19lbs 13oz -26inches long & his head is measuring in at 45- Dr. Ferguson (aka Drew Pinskykids Pediatrician looks like his twin!)is concerned about his measurement so I have to go back in a month to get it measured again and i guess if it doesn't 'even' out? he wants him to get an MRI or to see a Neurologist..his concern is Hydrocephalus(not sure i spelt that correct).trying not to FREAK over it I am pretty surehe is fine he is meeting all his goals!Just say a quick pray for him that all is okay with my little man! Wednesday there was no school due to ICE!and Thursday (today)was a delay opening so went to Target/Stop N Shop pick up a few things we needed than home to do lots of laundry!Tomorrow I have to work I tried not to go but I have to go to a conference like an hour away from here!ggrr don't wanna go but i have too!bright side i will be home early so i will have maybe an 1 or more (as long as I don't get last time!) before i have to pick up the this has been my week so far CRAZY to say the least!
enough of me whining...Over at TallyScrappers Ho/Rachel is doing A Year in a Art Journalers
(just cut & pasted from TS)
This year, we'll be working on challenges twice a month. Prompts will be posted on the blog on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month for the year 2009. You can join in at ANY time of the year. Limit this year, is 26 entries that are based on our prompts.

Our first word was 'ACTION' says.."somethimes one actions are much more meaningful than WORDS. A hug sometimes express more than our words will ever express.Sometimes just being there to listen is more meaningful and helpuful to people" by Catherine Pulsifer

And also at Tally Shirley is Month in Review..again taken from TS really excited to do this I am doing 8.5x11 cover and inside it will be different sizes 6x10 8x10 keep funky!

The idea is to take photos throughout the month and at the end of the month scrap a layout(s) that documents the events, thoughts, and/or feelings from that month.

here is my cover really like how it turned out..My recent layout of Aaron this was his fortune from his fortune cookie it reads...'You winsome smile will be your sure protection' true for Aaron that smile gets me alot!!

Also is having a cyber crop this weekend come on over and play!!

and like always thanks for stopping by!