Sunday, July 26, 2009

I joined up at Willow Traders for Blog started Friday and well wasn't around much this weekend so signed up today..I haven't scrapped in over 2 months and thought this would light a fire under my behind!! the last one I did last week just adding it in.. i also made a card with some scraps too!!feels good to get some scrapping done finally!! Apple Picking not the best picture of this layout!

Smile...this little man of mine smiles so much he is the HAPPIEST baby ever!

can't believe he is a 1yr old already!!! so precious!
here is my card with my new unity stamp!used some stickles on it :)
thanks Chrissy!
thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PooR nEgLeCtEd BloG :(

2 months have gone by not sure where/what happened!!time flies that is all i can say! with the boys home from school for awhile than camp started up and actually going to end this Friday and they will be with me 24/7...need to get some playdates/things to do to keep us all sane and enjoying our summer together!
well our little man Jase has turned 1 YES!! i said 1 years old!!can't believe it again time FLIES!
bbwe had a party with family & friends had a great baby still as happy as always!here are some pictures of his day..

Gavin & Jase isn't that soo sweet!!!

wondering what is that on my nose!lol

hitting his Elmo pinata with Uncle Robert.

me and my little man :) makes so happy!

his new gift from Aunt Karen & Uncle Elliot!i think he likes it -->

these pictures are on his "offical" birthday June 29th! and Aaron & Kyle's first day of Camp!wOOhOO!!!

we also had a awesome 4th of July party with some great friends and the kids!
great time no fighting just hanging and having a great time! we kicked the kids out of the bounce and the girls got in and Karen sunk it with her big ole butt!!!lol

MichelleAnn & Jase

she is such a great babysitter she loves Jase and wanted to do everything for him she strolled him in our backyard all night played,feed him!!love this girl too much!The boy playing Star Wars.....Jackson & Michael hanging out on the roof top!

Michelle guarding the dessert everyone's favorite Death by Chocolate..delish!

And Doug (tried to surprise me) with a cake for my birthday...another year older FANTASTIC...and I am ONLY 36!! ;)

Saturday July 18th we went to the Yankee Game Yankees vs Detroit Tigers...Aaron's first game he was super excited!!!

He wanted to leave after the 1st inning!!lol but after some food he was okay..than we walked around the stadium to get cooled off. Kyle got sick on the ride home!!thing too much sun...than threw up again around 9:30 and Sunday he woke up fine eating like a mad man!
We have been pretty busy every weekend!!looking forward to a weekend of nothing to do!...This Saturday we are going to a family reunion in NJ and than the following weekend back to NJ for Matt & Rachel's engagement party than K & A are staying at my parents than i will come down for a few days and bring them back with me.
Hopefully it won't be another 2 months til i update again!!lol
hope you are all enjoying your summer before we know it we will be getting them ready for school... :)