Thursday, December 20, 2007

First pictures our soon coming addition!

This ultrasound was done on November 8th at 6wks 1day just a little nut :)got to hear the heartbeat totally AWESOME to hear that sound again so AMAZING. Here is were I am at today(12/20) 12wks what a difference 6wks make. See the little white speck that's the s/he waving to us very active the little peanut was!!everything is looking good!!!

At the dinner table tonight we showed the boys the picture of the baby here was the funny converstion between the two of them
K-Mommy's belly is going to get bigger, bigger, bigger and bigger, and bigger than on her birthday her baby is going to come out POP!!!
A-oh is she going to choke on the baby!!!
I am sure there will be more funny conversations to come between those two!
Have a great Christmas holiday enjoy your family and don't eat too much!!!;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Leah this is what you have been asking for!

As they say ask and you shall receive!well LEAH here it is not the best belly shot but a shot that I did by myself(next time I will have DH do it), I am 12wks in this picture as you can see my pj shirt is riding up already clothes are getting tighter i will defintely need some new clothes VERY soon! cute bittle (big/little)bump ;)

I finally scrapped and its not a lift!!!(sorry for the glare)even though I noticed I scrapped a little over a week ago it feels like FOREVERA since I have done anything! slow but steady right??its something!I have had theses notes lying on my scrap table that Kyle leaves on my desk throughout the day he LOVES writting notes giving us tickets!lol I guess being in 1st grade is really making him want to write more he always had a hard time writing he is a lefty (like his Daddy) and i always had a hard time helping him he holds his pencil very akward-he is an a 20 wk Reading Recovery program in school and is doing GREAT! his reading is coming along GREAT!his writing has IMPROVED in just 3 months you would have never of know he had difficult writing!so proud of him and all his hard work!i know he is proud of himself it shows when he leaves me all these loves notes and reads to me :) proud mommy 'moment' is over :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Doug!!!

Wednesday the 12th was Doug/Dad bday the BIG 38 :) We finally got to put up or tree pretty late for us, we usually put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving just been super crazy busy!! Aaron favorite movie is the Grinch That Stole Christmas he is always singing the songs his VERY favorite is Welcome Christmas-he wanted to sing it and hold hands around the christmas tree :)too cute!one of those special moments that will bring a smile to my face when watching the movie or hearing that song!
Thursday 14th we got some snow the boys were super excited!!!couldn't wait to go out and play in it! Aaron built a mini snowman and Kyle went sledding down our little hill in our driveway!!Than we came in and had some hot coco to warm us up..we got about 5/6inches of snow more than enough for me!!This weekend we are suppose to get some more snow!!!!hope not too much!!

Have a safe week and hope all your chrsimtmas shopping is done or close to being done!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I scraplifted this layout from the AL calendar.
love this picture of Aaron he is just looking so sweet with his turkey hat he made at school.
So I've been a pretty bad blogger lately!what else is new ;) been pretty busy and not very productive with the scrapping!thats my excuse for not posting!!hoping in like 2wks i will have more energy so i can stay up and scrap just been so sleepy its horrible!
So I got some really SAD news today MFM is closing :( and this kit we will get! Saddens me that I will be not be able to visit and chat with my buddies over there so we hoping to do still stay in touch some how!Shari had some AWESOME kits BRIGHT colors the DT TOTALLY ROCKED and just OverAll AWESOME!Shari is closing down to spend more time with her family totally understand family comes FIRST!!!Love ya Shari and thanks for everything!!
I have a doctor's appt. this Saturday scared to see how much I have gained (yes already)I've been eating like a crazy woman!!!lol-babies hungry and wants some food!
And also on Saturday I will be getting my NEW (to me) Toyota Sienna!!!!super excited about that just driving my car I am stoked thinking its going to be nice to have so MUCH more room!!not sure how I lived in that small car with the boys!I was just noticing the other day how Kyle is having a hard time getting out of the car especially if he is trying to get his backpack out of the car and his legs he is getting bigger and our family is getting bigger so that calls for a bigger car :)
so that is about it here on the home front! so enjoy your weekend!