Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Wednesday!!

Long time no see!been CRAZY busy with LiFe!Here I am at 30wks already I know time is flying!though some days it feels like I've been preggers FOREVERA! HapPy Birthday to this sweet, cute, sassy girl Nia!!the BIG 4!!!she had her party at FUn sTAtion the boys for the very first time went roller skating really wish i was able to go skating w/them!i haven't' skated in a VERY long time!!I believe in about 10 yrs!last time was when Brianna was down visiting me she was about 12(ish??)anywhoo the kids had a blast here are a few pictures haven't' edited any of them so some are pretty dark. Naomi I will lighten them up and will send you the edited pictures.

LoVe this picture of Naomi I think she needs to see a dentist REALLY BaD!!!
And we got our GROSS Fugly rug out of our family room! here is Doug working hard clearing out the room on Sunday.
And here is the end result!LOVE them Asian Bamboo the room looks so much BrightER! trying to not put so much stuff back in got rid of 2 big things!
So as you can see I haven't scrapped anything this week :( just too much going on! but hoping that I will get some done this weekend!I've been reading Page Maps totally LOVing this book!totally aspiring and totally recommended it for any book juNkie!
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I scrapped!!!!

I know I can't believe it either!!I think I have done 3 layouts this weekend that is a record for me since I haven't scrapped for awhile and when i do it takes me weeks to finish ONE!

the 3rd one was the Tiny Whites LO...So glad that I actually got to scrap :) need to really try to do this more often! :) Wish me luck this week that I survive the kids being off all week!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A tAsTe Of SpRinG!!

Thursday was 70!!!yes I said 70 and boy it was beautiful to feel the warm sun!Aaron, Jacob(Jake came over to play with us while his mommy was doing some stuff at school) and I picked up Kyle from school and we walked home (okay-I did park a few blocks away!)it was great we walked back with Patti (aka Mrs. Read), Kyla, Madison, Emmi & Jacob and stopped and got some ice cream from the ice cream truck came home got dinner ready than went back out to blow some bubbles and played some b'ball!! it was nice just wished we had more days like that but know they are right around the corner! Friday rainy and chilly :( this weekend doesn't look much better!hopefully next week since the boys are off for Spring Break.

My most recent layout in WEEKS!Kyle's loves his Tiny Whites for Spot Tag Challenge I lifted one of Vera's layout here is what i came up with.........................-->>

The boys are off all next week so hoping i can keep up with them!going to find something for them to do so I or they don't go insane for the week!Wish me luck hopefully the weather will be nice so we can do the park and stuff like that!Have a great weekend thanks for stopping by!
later dudes!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Circus Sunday

Aaron getting himself ready for the day!
Aaron & Kyle went down the big slide at the circus..

Kyle for the 1st time wanted to get his face painted!and if you can't tell by the picture (2nd one) he didn't like it!it was bothering his face so proably about 2 minutes after it was done we went to the bathroom and washed it off!

Here are some of the acts we got to see! blue & pink poodles they look like cotton candy!

these guys were selected from the audience one of the was right in front of us hoping he would of picked Doug!

The enjoyed it as did Doug and I!

here is me at 27 1/2wks...looking big I know!

Yesterday (Saturday)

We had a pretty busy day today. !Went to Lowe's to order our laminate fooring,e are going to take up our rug and put the flooring down!YEAH! There is one part of the flooring that they do not have in stock so we will be getting all the stuff in like in 2wks-not sure when we are going to get it done the boys are on spring break that week!very excited about it going to look so much nicer in here!our rug is soo GROSS!!
We went to celebrate Emmi's 5th birthday at Build A Bear.....Here is Emmi she is soo cute isn't she!~APPY BIRTHDAY EMMI~thanks for inviting us it was alot of fun! Aaron washing his bear he didn't want anyone to count how many build a bear seconds he had!told everyone "no counting" (something like that)lol kid cracks me up!
And here he is with his bear that he named Doggy and of course his pirate.
Kyle got to have a cupcake those cupcakes were HUGE and looked DELIOUS!!

Here is a layout I started like 2wks ago and finally finsihed up Saturday. I took this picture on Aaron's 5th birthday, he is getting too big too fast!I used a sketch from the MM magazine on page 41 by Brittany Laakkonen did add a few of my own touches to make it my 'own'.
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