Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I got 2 layouts done last night!! one i am not crazy about and am not going to post! this one I did i really loved so i will share it with you all :)

journaling reads;

I first noticed this at Julie's pool while we were swimming. I thought I was going crazy(ier)! You kept saying 'come on Princess" kind of confused why you were calling me our cats name and not Mom?Julie & I laughed!Now it has become your new thing and the lis is growing! So far you have called me the following names; 1. Squidward 2. Mr. Crabs (?) 3. SpongeBob 4. Max (Max & Ruby) It is the funniest thing! You love to reinact your favorite cartoons! I guess I am a part of something special to you!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good weekend :)

We went to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday. We met our friends Julie, Alexa & Wil there! Here are a few pictures of our visit to the zoo :)
The CONGO my favorite place to go to see the gorillas such beautiful animals!

Kyle looking very happy to be a butterfly!

Aaron loved the petting zoo!the Sheep jumped up to get some food Aaron jumped really high it was pretty funny!than he came back to check him out!
Aaron inside a turtle shell

Kyle climbing on the rocks

Kyle again climbing but on the ropes!
Alexa peeping her head out of the hole to check out the praire dogs

aren't they cute!!

Lastly Julie and I finally got a picture of us together :)
Defintely need to go again, but go earlier lots to see and do that we wanted
to do and didn't have time!Kyle was upset b/c he wanted to go on the Sky Ride
and while we were headed over there they annoucned they were closed!yikes!!!He was very unhappy! :( sorry dude next time I promise!;)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

7 Things I am Lucky 4

On our 3rd week of Think you can Scrap (The Scrapbook Site)
challenge was to use
7 photos
7 buttons
7 journaling strips

and our midweek bonus was to make a bookmark
using a favorite quote, flower, pattern paper & cardstock

Thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

here is my Scrapjacked LO for this week!

Journaling Reads...
1. Wonder whats for lunch today?
2. I wonder if I could have a playdate?
3. What's Aaron doing?
4. I wonder if Zach & Cody is on?
5. I wish Mom would stop taking my picture!
6. I am bored!
this picture was taken on Kyle's last day of school! maybe he is sad?NOT!!!LOL

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Hero

Here is our bonus challenge for TSS Think you can Scrap
we had to lift either Simple Scrapbook/Scrapbook etc.. cover
I choose Scrapbook Etc....here is my lift
My Hero...Aaron isn't he the cutest thing you have evera seen :)love ya dude xoxoxo!!

Clean Fun

Over at TSS (http://www.thescrapbooksite.com/) they are having a challenge going on called Think You Can Scrap? every week they post a new challenge for us to do than privately we vote on which ones are our top 3 fav's and none of us know the outcome of the voting at least yet!
Week #1 was Old School
using some old photos(98) and some old techniques tearing, inking & a tag.

Week no#2 is using one of Elise sketch's from her blog

Sunday, July 8, 2007

July Scrapjack

Alison Flynn was Scrapjacked
here is my version of her layout!
Mets stink!! journaling reads;
Not very happy to be playing t-ball
this year. Especially when your on the stinky Mets! I found your shirt in some strange places!the refridg and in a bag in your closet!Maybe next year you'll play for the yankees!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lucky day 7-7-07

I got my scrap on today finally seems like awhile that i have actually sat and created something!always feels good...I did this layout and wasn't really thrilled about but wasn't about to redo it!I posted it at MFM(http://www.myfavortiememories.net%20great/great place to hang out with some KeWl chicks)
and Donna suggested I color in some of the doodling!and it brought this layout AlIvE in my book!Love how it turned out!


Thank you Donna(mom to 6kids)

I even got to go to J's(by myself)someone posted they were
some good stuff there but of course my
totally BiteS and didn't have anything
good or that I need (not that I need ANYthinG!)LOL
Came home made lunch for me & the boys
I had a tomato sandwich YuMm-O haven't
had one of those in awhile hit the spot!
after lunch the boys played in the pool
than of course had to have some ice pops :)
I guess for me today was a lucky day for me :)

Aaron & Kyle enjoy some ice pop/ice

Kyle relaxing in the pool looking KeWl

Aaron catching some fish.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I've been tagged!!!So this is my very first time being tagged whoo
thanks to Michele (http://michele32scrappin.blogspot.com/)
Here are da details I have to post 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 more people (need to think who I will be tagging next)
7 random things about Michelle:
1. I was adapoted
2. About 3 years ago I had a breast reduction
3. I like to collect notebooks, note pads anything i can take notes on!
4. I am a Diet Coke junkie!
5. I LOVE to watch MTV
6. I hate to have my feet touched VeRy ticklish :)
7. I have a bit of an obession with even numbers I feel better when things end in an even number??
8. See #7 now i feel better :)

Following girls are being TaGged :)....
- http://standingontheedge.blogs.com/