Friday, August 31, 2007

Kyle's first day of 1st Grade

well Kyle did the morning routine he seemed fine didn't give me any 'real' problems so we go out wait for the bus and wait wait wait its been now about 20 minutes and no bus school starts in 15 mins so i drive him (2blks away) so get the boys in the car as we are pulling into the school he tells me that he is very nervous!!so I TRIED to reassure him he will be okay!well in the classroom he starts his Mom can you stay for a little bit so i tell him i can't i will see him when he gets home..than the pledge of alligance comes on so do that than try to leave and he starts again Mom can you pick me up for at lunch...Mom i don't want you to leave i told him i co uldn't stay said look your friends are here anthony Maththew, Sarah etc.. your going to have fun! still won't let me leave hanging on my leg now . His teacher tried to help and he would just put his face into now he looks at me with those brown eyes of his and they have tears :cry: Mom please don't leave me :cry: well i REALLY REALLY tried (it has been at least 7mins i've been trying to leave felt horrible it felt like 1/2hr)i started tearing up!!his teacher said 'don't let him see you cry'i said 'i know I am TRYING TO BE STRONG!!" :cry: soo sad hate to see him cry breaking my one of the secretarys come in with another child and trys to get kyle to help her out and help this boy find his desk etc..kyle says "no he doesnt want to' so finally the sect. tells me to just go so i grab Aaron and walk FASTLY down the hall as i turn i see Kyle trying to run after me and the teachers are blocking him (there wer other teachers out in the hallway blocking him) :blush: so i was outside safetly out of eyesight and was talking to another Mom for about 15 mins come home and my phone is ringing :huh: yep its the school Kyle is still crying and wants to talk with me so i talk to him he wants to come home...ask him if he would like to get some ice cream after school is over? he said NO :faint: so now the principal is talking to him and the secterary gets back oin and said she will call...
well an hour past so i hadn't heard anything but figured i would call and he has stop crying and is walking around the school wtih the princpal :wacko: she said they are working there way to his classroom so she said call in another hour and see how he I call about 11:30 and he is back in his class and dong fine!!! :thumbsup: :dance01: the sect. said she was surprised he was soo upset he is always so happy and very talkative (in preschool i was told that he is like the Mayor always talking to everyone)lol So since whoever brillant idea was to start on Friday and having Monday off I hope Tuesday is not as difficulty for him or me!!
okay thanks for listening to my VERY long rambling!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sad to say but this is the last week of So You Think You Can Scrap :( at TSS loved doing this kept me scrapping which is a good thing and helped me think outside the box..Michelle challenge for us this week was to make an embellish
(no pre-made ones) really didnt' think i was going to get time to do this with getting back
home from vacaction and trying to catch up on laundry, housework and getting ready for Kyle's party on Sunday yada yada. So glad I got it done last night!it felt good to create something from scratch and not use a pre made embellish or sticker!
Thanks TSS DT for wonderful 8 weeks of creative, inspiring and challenging FUN!!!
upclose of my pretty flower :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back from Vacation

We went to PA to Dorney Park & Crayola factory for a couple of days!lots of fun and the weather was decent!We celebrated Kyle's 6th birthday at Crayola Factory lots of fun stuff for the kids!

Kyle & Aaron's favorite thing was staying in the hotel room and going in the pool!!Kyle would ask to go about 20 minutes after he woke up and before he went to sleep!They are both little fishes :) anywhoo here are some pictures from our adventure..TFL

This picture was taken at our FAVORITE resturant
Buca Di Beppo (Joe's Basement)food is DELIOUS!!must
go if you are near one the servings are HuGe!!!
Kyle love the water fountain he said it remind him of himself!!LOL!

I bought these shirts at Old Navy for the boys just love them!

Becuase Kyle thinks he is AWESOME!!;)

LOVE this picture of the boys

wish there was no glare behind them :( got someone to help me edit it thought!!!!thank you Sandra

Kyle's LOVES to go to Chilis they make the BEST chips in the world!!!and they sang happy birthday to him and brought him his(our)favorite dessert!!!yumm-O

the boys at Crayola Factory
there are different floors with different themes
lots of good learning for them!loved making Mom & Dad dinner.

Dad building a bridge.

the family at Dorney Park

Aaron LOVES the rides!he screams so LOUD

and puts his arms up in the air!too cute!!

Aaron eating some yummy cotton candy!

Kyle & Dad just went down a HUGE slide!

Aaron in the wave pool...looking too cute!

Kyle & Aaron loved getting thrown into the air in the pool at the hotel!
That was pretty much our vacation some great laughs, great fun and great memories!! can't wait to scrap them :) TFL :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I actually scrapped tonight!I was actually going to my scraplift for TSS but ended up doing something totally different. I scrapped a few pictures i took the other day from the water park. I used my MFM kit.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Think you can Scrap Week 6

This weeks challenge Power of 3-

journaling reads
June 10th 2007 in Hartford CT at the Elizabeth Gardens was the Walk for Autism. My parents joined us for the walk, it meant a lot to have the support and we raised extra money for Autism! In totally we raised together about $650, pretty cool! We did this walk for our Aaron and every child who is on the Autism Spectrum. Aaron has come very far with all his therapy! Though he still does have some 'quirky' behavior it makes me love him even more! There are days were I feel sad and want to cry and wish people would be more understand and not give me 'the look' to control my child and make me feel like a not so good Mom. Aaron has taught me so much! to work hard, smile over the little things for him its cars and army man and he is a happy camper! also taught me not to judge other people/parents because I do not know what goes on behind there closed doors! And just because they look 'normal' doesn't mean that it isn't something more than appearances! We couldn't love you and be more proud of you!!oxxoxox
now we wait til Wednesday for our mid week bonus :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Roger's Park

Another day at the water park! can't tell you how many pictures I have from here!just love snapping some pictures of them having a blast!!Can't wait to scrap these :) I took alot more just posting a couple of my fav's!

The BIG 500!!!

the BIG 500!!!A-Rod hit his 500th home run hit!! And I was there to see it so cool!!!First inning WHAMMMOOO everyone was jumping up and down like CrAzY mAnIcS even the Royal fans (not lol) anywhooo here are some pictures from yesterday...



me & Doug Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Curtis

Friday, August 3, 2007

Think you can Scrap Week 5

This week we had to do a layout using a song title and 4 lyrics for our song in the journaling. I choose to do my Pop-pop and choose the song by Boys to Men Its so hard to say goodbye.

I also did some journaling hidden before the picture.if you care to know it says;When I first heard this song I just lost my Pop-pop. I was in the shower and I cryed like a baby. My heart never hurt so much!Such a HUGE loss for our family.When I hear it now it brings back great memories of him I remember him always telling me,"Michelle I am praying for a nice Christian boy for you"I think he would be very happy with my decision!I remember him making a tire swing for us and I was (un)lucky one to test it out and the rope broke!!Giving us a dollar everytime he saw us, at church he sat in the same pew and take a little cat nap(though he would deny it).I was blessed to be apart of his life he is the BEST Pop-pop EVER!I am lucky to have an angel watching ove me and my family! I love you!

Our mid-week challenge was to make a card also using a title of a song. I made a card for my bro Rob in CA using the song by Kymaxx I miss you..sorry for the cheesy picture bad lighting at night that is what i get for waiting for the last minute!!looks better IRL :)
TFL have a good one and stay cooL!
oh yeah tomorrow we are going to a Yankee game with my Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Curtis!!WHOOOOO GO YANKS!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

One Little Word Challenge

Here is my layout for One Little Word (check them out here ) word for this week is AuToMaTiC
My AutoMatic Sugar HigH jouraling reads;
3:00pm I need my automatic sugar high! A can of Diet Coke
a BIG hand full of kittles and if I am really lucky I get to sit and watch General Hospital My little pick me up to get me through the day!TFL
hoping to get more scrapping done this week I have been in a rut :(

Have a good one :)