Saturday, May 16, 2009

just updating a bit...

lots going on this month..and its only the 16th of May yikes where does the time go?? bought this jumper for Jase he loves it!

boys playing T-Ball..yes they are on the Mets!!better than the year before they (kyle)realizes he is not on the Real Mets team..this is Aaron's first time playing he is loving it! he asked if 'Derek Jeter would be helping him at practice"
gosh has he gotten so big!!

We had a surprise party for Donna the BIG 40!! she was are not in order always forget to load backwards!

The DJ's Zach, Doug & Kyle

Make a wish

sisters <3

Uncle Rob brought his motorcyle the kids enjoyed getting a ride!

Birthday getting a ride

Me and Jase

Aunt Bonnie & Mom



Aaron holding on for dear life!


birthday girl & Jase

some layouts i have done

not sure if i uploaded this one before?

that's all folks..thanks for stopping i know i have been a bad blogger just been crazy know how it goes! peace out!