Sunday, September 27, 2009


picture of my boys :)awe soo cute! LEO's from Willow Trader..almost done for September :( gots lots of scrapping done which i am very glad about that! doing another one similiar in October.

TFL.. Go YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Blog Hopping & LEO

adding the 3rd one had to use recycled stuff so i used 8.5x11 cardboard & maternity tag from pants...loved this challenge
I am doing LEO (Layout EveryOther Day) on WillowTraders... this was a color challenge had to use a picture from Martha Stewart Mag for our inspiration this was our first challenge..we had to scraplift someone's layout from july..I choose Barbara's Always Smile

The first day of School for Kyle & Aaron...Kyle going into 3rd grade Mrs. Pellicone (he had her for 1st grade) and Aaron in 1st with Mrs. Gardner.

They both did great I thought Aaron would be giving me a little trouble going into class but he was very nervous but went in and didn't go chasing after me!!always good..when i picked him up he said he had a very BORING day!!they didn't let him play toys...hard thing going from Kindg. to 1st!...hopefully he will transition well with the change.

Kyle had no complaints said he had a great day :)

I took the boys to Bronx Zoo with Julie, Alexa , Gavin, Jeannine her daughter Jennifer, Brinley & Jaylyn...Jennifer & Brinley were in the same Kindg. class with Aaron.

TFL...Have a fun & safe Labor Day!