Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy {late} Easter

Warning TONS of pictures!!We went down to NJ for Easter it was nice since I haven't seen my parents since Christmas!! Abby & Zach went with us to Chucky Cheese for Aaron's birthday than back to the house for some yummy pizza and ice cream cake (my favorite) the kids had a blast its nice when we go down to visit and I know the kids are going to have other kids to play with instead of hanging out with us borning adults!lol

here is Aaron looking for that "mouse" did not want anything to do with Chucky!lolAbby & ChuckyWe also did an Egg hunt for the kids (3/23/08)
toys they got from Mimi & Grandpa when we came back on Sunday.
Kyle looking COOL ;)

Kyle's new favorite thing lately is tattoos!

Aaron got a new scooter from Uncle Joe!Since Monday they were off of school we went to test it out and Kyle got to ride his.

Told ya there were a lot of pictures!I have a doctors appt tomorrow see how much i am weighing in at! i need to take another picture of my belly boy how its grown! I will be 26wks tomorrow can't believe it!

Have a good week!thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Strike a pose

Nekkid.....:) I took these pictures last week of the boys and they were hamming it up for me like usual!!wiggling there butts, posing and being silly having fun together! Loved these pictures SO much i pretty much developed them and scrapped some that is great for me since i haven't' scrapped forever!really love these pictures.....
my goal for this week is to scrap at least 2 layouts!wish me LUCK! i really need it :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron

My baby is 5 today!!!Thinking back 5 years ago at 12:42am and you entering our world your family so eager to see what you look liked and excited for you to meet your big brother Kyle. Time surely does fly.....
I got him to stay still for a few seconds to snap these pictures this boy is always on the move!!We had his party yesterday at Champion everyone had lots of fun running around jumping and tumbling! my pictures did not come out the greatest the lighting was horrible!! and when i tried to take a picture of his cake my camera wasn't working???but i think i forgot to turn it on!duh Mom!We are giong to Chilli's tonight with Doug's parents to celebrate his bday/Easter. (we will be going to NJ for Easter!Can't wait to see Mom & Dad "Hi guys") anyway just wanted to give a shout out to me my little boy who really isn't too little anymore! Happy Birthday buddy hope you enjoyed your day!you have brought so much happiness into our lives!We LoVe you!!!xoxoxoxo

not sure what the finger by the mouth is all about??lol
he thinks he looks cool!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

found this quote on my friend's blog http://thereadclan.blogspot.com/

Elder Marvin J. Ashton ~"None of us need one more person … pointing out where we have failed or fallen short. … What each of us does need is family … who believe in us, and who believe we’re trying to do the best we can." ~

busy getting ready for Aaron's party this Saturday!He started wanting "Motorcycable" (quoting Aaron)
~for his inviations he picked out Hot Wheels,
~his cake from Stews (our fave) he picked out and Army tank/camouflage cake the tank transformers into a robot!
~Today he picked out his party goods Motorcycle party hats, goody bags etc..
spent way too much and honestly didn't get that much! but ya only turn 5 once right ;)
just about finished need to pick up one more thing
~have to make cupcakes today for his class on Friday :)

oh and if you find/have any extra please pass it my way ;) lol

Happy Thursday friends!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Boys haircuts

not the best picture!looks the same as my blog banner. Kyle was getting me b/c he was running around the house nekkid and i was snapping pictures :) Aaron my little man looking cutier than evera!;)
I used a sketch AL The Designing with Recipe Book (pretty AWESOME book)thanks Julie for the bling idea!this is my first layout in WEEKS felt good and hoping to get some more done this week!
Enjoy your week!be back later to update with Aaron's 5th birthday coming up on the 16th!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bad bad Blogger

there I said it!!well i have been pretty uncreative lately really need to get my flow going again!Just been so tired at night by 7 i am ready for bed my eyes are heavy and my brain just doesn't want to think of anything!And besides that I TOTALLY purged some MAJOR pattern paper from my stash that has been growing and totally making feel OVERwhelmed...so i purged 2 Mystery boxes they will be mailed out next week!thanks guys hope you likely and have fun playing with it all! So now of course I need to replenish and shop right!!LOL I am in the middle of doing a LO hoping to get it done but can't promise might be tomorrow! Doug went to Foxwoods with John he is turning the BIG 40!!so they are doing whatever men do whatever that is? Doug decided to tell me that Jon Bon Jovi is going to be there!!!the NERVE!I can't believe it so sad i will not be there to coughstalkcough I mean to see him! I remember getting an email from his fan club forwarding it to Doug figured if he really wanted to surprise me that would be a great surprise(another DREAM/WISH is swimming with the dolphins-one day!) Hope you guys are having fun behave yourself!
Aaron's school had a Carnival today kids had a blast!I helped out with the Duck Pond easy win game kids loved it!Oh and we got Aaron & Kyle's haircut today both look so darn cute (forgot to get a picture tomorrow)Kyle did GREAT, Aaron on the other hand did HORRIBLE screamed bloody murder the last time he did SOO MUCH better not sure what was up today??told him i will be doing his haircuts and he will be getting a bowl cut!lol
The boys and I hung out and watched Chicken Little (Aaron's favorite) and Cats & Dogs tonight got some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamy YUMM-O had my FAVORITE Peanut Butter Perfection and it was PERFECT!
okay well I talked enough I will leave you some pictures of the boys in the bath and my belly :)

getting nice and clean!

my 23weeks belly :) this boy is very active!!!Look who I found under my bed Wednesday night!!!Mr. Kyle with his blankie (looking all dirty!)

sorry for leaving you all for so long i will try to do better! Enjoy the rest of your weekend....later.