Sunday, April 25, 2010

craZy upadate!!

Wow I cannot believe its been OVER a month since I have updated!! now that I am back to work 3 days a week my life has become more know how it goes work/kids/household just gets in the way!!
here is what i have gotten done in the last month i have gotten a few more things done, but my hard drive crashed and lost alot of my pictures & remember to back up your photos!!here is what i do have!thanks for stopping by and looking :)
this is the WIP kit (March kit i believe)
sketch from TallyScrapper think it was froM Scrapbook Etc..Jase is 5 days old!!!
Soaking up the sun...2009

Aaron are amazing

Have a nice day..Bon Jovi concert I went to March 27th @ Mohegan Sun he is fabolous and still a HOTTIE!!! love myself as i am @ 36 :)

Aaron's 7th birthday at Chucky Cheese (aka the Devil)

my favorite guys.. <3

lifted this from Mikki at TallyScrapper..this boy!

Rubiks cube..jase loves the noise and the flashing lights..

again thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog i know i've been a bad blogger!!Happy Sunday!