Tuesday, December 30, 2008

its a BIG one!!

First off just wanted to say hope you had a great Christmas! With that done and over with and the New Year quickly approaching (in 2 days) I'm enjoying my boys being home from school (well for the most parts it has its moments!)haha!

Anywhoo this is going to be long all photos from Christmas and the last couple of days..

I took this on Monday Kyle was calling me 'Mom take a picture' so I did here it is..Kyle is the greatest big brother he loves Jase soo MUCH i just get all mushy inside always willing to help w/him, helping him, making him laugh and always wanting to talk to him!

Tuesday Dec. 29th is officially 6 MONTHS!! I can't believe it!!ask anyone and they will tell you he is the best baby always smiling always happy :)

This past Sunday we had our friends over for a Christmas dinner it was great! kids kept busy playing the Wii and there PSP and the girls colored, kitchen, puzzles and played w/Jase lots of fun with friends. this is Karen being a BRAT!!!never lets me take a picture of her so i played paparazzi :)
Boys Christmas morning after opening gifts (pictures are backwards always forget to load them the correct way oy vey)

Kyle and his BLUE Easy Bake Oven from Nana & Pop-Pop we made sugar cookies (forgot to take a picture of them)Kyle loved them they were pretty sugary!!!

Aaron and his army men look at his determination with these tiny men the patience he has!!

okay back to Chrismtas...Aaron loved the wrapping paper..........

some of the boys opening there gifts.

Aaron got his Droids he wanted from Santa!

Jase's first Christmas-Thanks Aunt Donna for the outfits :) ooppss edited Nana & Pop-Pop bought this pj's for Jase not Aunt Donna (sorry Mom)

my little candy cane!outfit supplied by Aunt Donna;)

Uncle Joe & Jase

Christmas Eve..Come Uncle Robert play with me..Jase's first meeting with Santa

Mom-Mom & Grandpa Fred with Santa

Uncle Joe & Santa
Aaron looking very handsome with SantaKyle looking very cool with SantaHeather & SantaZachAbbyJen & Santa
Thanks Mom-Mom & Grandpa Fred for the lego helicopter!!!(took me 3 1/2 hrs to put together)
Can you say EXCITED!!!thanks Mom-Mom & Grandpa Fred Star Wars for PS2!!!
Uncle Roger I mean Uncle Robert, Jen & Aaron
Daddy & KyleAunt Donna & JaseOn a totally different subject my 3 month gig is up DT at TallyScrapper is sadly over though i will still be there hanging out its a great place to hang lots of creative, friendly funny women!!Just want to say thank you to all the awesome friends that helped me get the DT spot i am/was honored its been great!!thank you very much!Cant' wait to see the new DT!!
come check it out its great you wil love it there is alot of great things starting in the New Year a Art Journaler group, Year in Review if you sign up you can get 10% off the kits how great is that!!so go check it out www. Tallyscrappers.com

Well that is it folks!!We had a great time with our family hope you did as well!thanks for stopping and I will chat with ya next year!!2009

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all..

First just want to wish all my friends & family a VERY Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family and I hope Santa is good to you!My kids are bouncing off the wall full of EXCITEMENT there driving me bonkers!!lol
And without further delay I know there are a few of you ANXIOUS to see who won HoHoHO #2 Kit!Thanks so much for playing, thanks for sharing more of yourself with us at Tally!why i love tally girls are very open with yourselves!
okay I had 19 names entered..... put them in a box shake shake shake.... i wonder who its gonna be?????
Here is my WILD Elf Kyle who do you think he is gonna pick??you?or maybe you??
so the LUCKY lady to win is.....drum roll please!!.................................

not sure if you can see the name its...............................................CREATEDMONSTER (aka Nicole)

Congrats and again thank you wish i had one to give you all!!

Have a great holiday and drive safe if you are traveling!See you next year (maybe before)

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

here are some snow pictures..

Thats Doug out there snowblowing, we got quite a bit of snow probably about 9inches. Looks like for sure we will be having a white christmas!

our usually perky tree is a bit droopy with the snow weighing it down.

Our backyard

Our sandbox almost to the rim of the opening!

Me & Jase watching Dad..

Few shots of Jase I can't believe in 9 days he is going to be 6 months!!look at those rolls baby!!
He is such a happy baby!!always laughing and smiling! though right now he is crying he wants me to hold him and my back is killing me right now!does not want the rocker chair so he is crying

I got another layout and card done with HoHoHo #2 kit now its all gone i used pretty much everything in the kit!super scrappy goodness!!

Have a great weekend have fun in the snow!if you got some! TFL

Friday, December 19, 2008

HoHoHo Kit & Snow Snow SNOW!!!

This is what I have been up to since last post. I have gotten some layouts done have been pretty busy with school stuff Holiday Shop went great and our Spirit Wear came in so been doing among a thousand other things that need to get done for the holidays!
I did this layout for Tallyscrapper Nikki challenged us to use 10 things on a layout had to include the words; I scrap-transparency-2 sheets of pp-picture...i like how it turned out! part of the 12 days of Christmas for TallyScrapper Kat's challenge 2 pager, 7 pictures, 7 techniques (which i did not follow only did 4-i'm a bad girl).i scrapped some of our favorite ornaments

Rachel designed TallyScrapper's kit this month called the Ho Ho Ho #2 Kit it totally ROCK's !! sad to say that it is SOLD OuT!!!i think in a matter of hours not sure if this was the quickest sell out or not?but I was lucky enough to get my grubby hands on this HOT HO KIT!!

here are a few of my creations..i have used just about everything up in this kit i have one more piece of paper left!!

I also made 4 cards with it!!

this is my favorite love the snow!!

Love that I got so much done with this kit!though I have to say it was a bit of a stretch for me with the pink don't get to scrap with pink with 3 boys,but let me tell you I got over my hurdle and scrapped with pink with my boys and at the end love the end results!!!!just a FAB kit!!The HO knows how to put her kits together that is for sure!
There was no school due to the snow storm that was headed for us it started here about 12 and it is still going pretty strong (4:45 pm). Not sure how much we have, the boys went out for all about um 10 minutes maybe 15!said it was too cold..lol so maybe tomorrow we can go out and build a snowman! Doug has to work tonight hate when he has to go in this kind of weather we live on a semi curvy road and his ride to work though its about 3 miles its pretty curvy! I will be saying lots of prayers to keep him safe!
Thanks for stopping by not sure if i will be back to update before Christmas! So i am going to wish you and your family have a fabolous Christmas and hopefully will see you before next year if not see you next year!! 2009!!!