Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A-Man #138 & my Mom

Another FAB sketch from Nuts About Sketches this is an old picture of Aaron but one of my favorites! made the flowers with the Imginsence flower roller its awesome!!! to see what the other DT with Shawn's great sketch go check it out www.nutsaboutsketches.com
on another note its been 3 months since my Mom has passed away words cannot describe how much I miss her if i could just talk to her one more time, hug her one more time today I was thinking that it would be so nice to have her arms around me :( Monday i went to unlock my front door and my keys & phone was in my jacket as when i went to grab my keys from my jacket i hit my phone when i realized that I had hit my phone (i heard a voice) when i got my phone from my jacket it was my Mom's voice i somehow unlocked my phone and her number got dialed...i guess that was maybe her way of telling me she was near me :} moments like those make me stop and think that she is not wiht us to call/hug or kiss i think sometimes i keep myself so busy i don't have time to think about the last few months not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing.. over the weekend found myself crying listening to Christmas music she her favorite holiday and love her Johnny Mathis & Carpentars remember listening it for hours!!..Even Aaron has been still having his moments Friday in school he was crying after Gym something made him think of his Nana and he misses her so much! hate to see my kids sad makes me sad :(

well thanks for stopping by please leave a comment so i know i am not talking to myself ;) xoxo