Sunday, June 29, 2008


thats right! I am going to the hospital today (Sunday)not sure what time??to get induced and HOPEFULLY it won't be a LONG process!!so anxious to met this stubborn little guy he is so comfy or just hears the chaos going on in the outside world and would rather stay inside than come out!some days i could see why!!lol My parents and sister came up we had a nice BBQ and hung out. Thank you Dad for helping Doug put the AC in you made a pregg-O woman VERY happy :) My Mom will be here while I am in the hospital to take care of the boys, hopefully they will behave and not fight too much!!GOOD LUCK! Monday they start camp so it will give her some sanity!!hang in there MaMa-you can do it (in my best Rob Snyder voice)!!lol and thanks for helping me/us out~oxox!
So I won't be around for awhile so if you are checking in that is why I will be having my BaBy! wish me luck and will hopefully get back to scrapping and some kind of schedule!
So have a good week stay cool and I will be back with our undecided/name-less baby boy #3 really hoping I get my way and get to name him Max see if i can get Doug to budge on that!!~he's stubborn (no wonder where #3 boy gets it!)

okay i am outta here as you can see i can't sleep been up for 2hrs! so i am going to try to catch some more rest before i get the call!!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

still here...

and patiently waiting to go into labor!i don't think its ever going to happen! ho hum trying not to get depressed I know my due date is like 10days away but who knows if i will go past it! i really don't want to wait 10days much more anything more than that! Anywhoo here is a layout I did for The Scrapping Spot tag challenge I lifted from my girly Julie and I used my Tally Scraps kit very funky kit love it called Sweet Emotion.. well hopefully by the next time you here from I will have popped this baby out :)!!!if not I will be going to the doctors on Tuesday for another ultrasound and another check up to see if I have had any progession!hoo hum!

enjoy whats left of your weekend...and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Challenge Blog

gotta check this place out!your gonna LOVE IT!~ awesome TALENTED ladies there!! its gonna be a lot of fun here is my take on the challenge
had to use panty hose and title I feel like a woman by Shania Twain
really have to say I impressed myself with this layout i LOVED how it came out :)
me, Kerri, Tracy & Maria back in the days going to da clubs!

I feel like a woman

and I went to the doctor today and I am 1 centimeter dilated and 50% eff. so maybe a baby this weekend :) keep your fingers crossed!!!

have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

38 weeks...

and anxiously awaiting for "name-less boy" to come!I've been told that if we name him he will come so I guess I need to get working on it PRONTO!! i really thought (hoping) i was going to go early with #3 since i was earlier with my other 2 but i guess this one is in no hurry!Wish he would we are all so ANXIOUS to met you!!!!
My computer was sick the last 2 days :( I haven't had my laptop been on Doug's so didn't' have my links to my usually favorites places to hang out. and THANKFULLY i didn't lose any of my pictures (thank you Doug xoxo)all my pictures have been put on CD!

Make sure you back up your photos TODAY!!

so needless to say i don't have much to share with you!you would think I would since i haven't' had my just been busy with teacher's gifts getting the last bit together for Kyle's teacher(s) his last day is Friday he is super excited and sad he will miss his friends! but will see them in summer camp that starts at the end of the month.

Doug went on an interview today at Danbury Hospital he thinks it went pretty well :) keep us in your prayers if it was meant to be he will get the job! i know he is a bit nervous being that he has been at his job for 20yrs hard to leave it! but i think in the long run he is better off! they have been talking about 'out' sourcing his dept. so never now what will happen! He is a hard worker and I think he deserves more credit than they give him!

Anywhoo that's about it here beside besides being patiently (trying to be)waiting to go into labor!trying to not get down on it I know i should enjoy it but i think i am more excited to me this little guy :)

I will keep you all updated if IT happens :) i will take a picture tomorrow and show you how BIG the belly is getting!and pray i don't have a BIG baby I am trying not to get FREAKED out!!!! and been feeling kinda of in a gloomy mood need to snap out of it! pray i go into labor VERY soon and get out of my funky moody been feeling really grumpy/snappy lately and i hate that feeling!

Thanks for stopping in sorry i don't have any eye cand to look at!!i will do better next time i promise (hope i can keep it!!)

enjoy your weekend!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

how to stay cool when its 90+..

Slip N Slide baby!!Pulled this sucker out today the last 2 days its been 90 something, HOT & HUMID!! Doug, Kyle & Matt went to the Yankee game today I was suppose to go and I decided I didn't want to go being 8 months preggo and sitting in the heat wouldn't be to enjoyable!so I stayed home with Aaron and we hung out we were going to go to Rogers Park and go to the water park but i guess its closed on Sunday so we went to Target to get some pictures developed and of course after i got my order in in the middle of processing my order they were having problems with there machine so needless to say I didn't get my pictures!ggrrrr. I got myself some p.j. for the hospital and some shirts for the summer super cheap $3.47 can't beat that! and I got a wicker bag with green polka dots on the inside of it super uber cute!!not like i need another bag but i could't resist the price was right $2.50...And last night we took the boys to see Kung Fu Panda give it 5 stars really funny!!we cracked up the boys were hysterical on definte must see! without further ado here are some picture (yes i took TONS more) of Aaron staying cool and Mom enjoying watching him have fun even in 90 something heat!

sprinkles on the bellygetting him on the butt..silly kid!still a little hesitate on running and sliding all the way down on your belly but you are getting there! you are more pushing yourself down it!
Hello..*heart* this picture!
not the best picture but this is my NEW hipster camera strap got some skulls on it and its PINK!! could always use some girly-ness with all these boys running around ;) and that is the bag i got the inside thinking of going back and getting 2 more for Kyles' teachers to put there gifts in something cheap and cute for the summer! I bought this from esty store
What a Hoot by Kristie
thinking i might order another one for the winter..thinking after awhile this might get a little dirty!
Oh and we got our (some-8) windows put in our house yesterday and our screen door!!super stoaked about that! love that i can have my front door open and get a breeze when there is one! looks great!! can't believe how happy a screen door can make me happy :)

And today is my girls Julie(scraps) birthday!!WOOhOO hope you have a FABULOUS day girly!!!
you can check out her blog on the >right side column (julie)...

thats it for today!have a SUPER busy week ahead of me! Volunteer appreciation luncheon, Kyle's field trip (tyring to get out of) though i want to go just to hot going to Sherwood Isle beach!, wednesday i have a doctors appt. hoping something is going "ON", Thursday night have our Special Friend pizza & ice cream farwell party, Friday Aaron graduates pre-school and will no longer be going to Hayestown(wooHOO)super happy about that!, Kyle has field day that i will be helping out in the afternoon in was suppose to be last Friday cancelled due to rain. other than that thats about it and who nows maybe inbetween all that I will go into LABOR!! :) I was hoping this week I go, but will settle for early the following week! fingers crossed :)

Thanks for stopping by... :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Celebrity look-alike

Here is Donna-

here is me

just a little something..

Here is a card I made for Brianna for her graduation she graduated last week from Art/photography school (got the idea of this card from Pink Paislee blog) super proud of her!!really LOVE this card was hard to give it up!lol
I made some thank you cards for my shower ... Here are some pictures of the boys thought I would share..
Kyle jammin' walking backwards w/his mp3 player!
so sweet Aaron holding Kyle's hand giving it a kiss!!love these special moments!

Well I am 36 weeks and cannot believe how fast it has gone!though some days it felt like it too forevera to get here and i have 4 wks left!!!but honestly I am ready to go next week!!keeping my fingers crossed that I do! I went early with my other 2 so hoping I will be the same!but since i am ready I am sure that i will have to wait the 4wks left!lol I will take a picture tonight (hopefully) of my growing belly!okay as promised here are some pictures of th BaBy BeLLy! gonna have doug help me take some better pictures using my tripod and get these two sillies to cooperate with me!

Tomorrow we are getting our new windows in FINALLY a year and half later such a LONG story that is!!big HEADACHE! and we are getting our new screen door!!SUPER excited to get it! Funny b/c Doug literally went through our old screen door tripped coming up the steps and came through it!!scared the crap out of me, but it was freaking hilarious!!!When we ordered our new door Kyle said "Dad why are we going to get a new screen door so you can break it again"?LOL that boy cracks me up!!

Hope to get some scrapping done this weekend, not sure it will happen with the windows and Sunday have a Yankee game to go too and its suppose to be in 90's HOT & HUMID perfect weather for being pregnant!!yuck!

here are some pictures I took of the boys can never get a decent one with both of them smiling at the same time, Kyle not putting on his "wuz up dude" look/in his new York accent..or Aaron saying "happy Moms day" and looking the other way or with his mouth open! and looking in one direction!boys are difficult to take pictures!
oKAY enough of my ramblings...enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

HomeSweet Home

Some pictures from my shower on Saturday. Turned out to be a great day thank goodness!there was a waring of a tornado :( and my parents, Donna & Joe worked hard getting the outside all ready for the baby shower putting up tents & some decorations. It did start raining or i should say POURING it poured for about a good hour. Than it cleared up and turned out to be a beautiful afternoon PERFECT! Had a great time and got alot of cute baby stuff :)

My Aunt Bonnie made this cute diaper cake on the top its says "boy" not sure if you can see it!super cute idea!

and I or should I say Doug got a man diaper bag :)
Aaron sneaking in for a picture with me :) Here is the cake came out pretty and tasted even BETTER :) this is our theme for the nursery.Here is me and my sister (she is Donna and i have to say i love this picture of me b/c i don't look like a whale :)
May 30th getting ready for a his facial expression homeboy with goggles!!
So we had a busy weekend as you can see in NJ!THANK YOUMom, Dad & Donna for all your hard and putting together for me/baby/us! everything turned out the great the weather!!the food was delicious and the cake was yummy too (my favorite)Love you guys ;)

thanks to all my friends/family that came and helped us celebrate our newest addition coming hopefully SOON!!oh yes and my photographer Brianna who just graduated college going for photography/art (Not sure what exactly its called?) big THANK YOU for taking the picutres for me!and I am soo proud of you and your accomplishment can't believe one of my little girls has graduated college!man do i feel old!!lol xoxoxo

Enjoy your week!