Thursday, November 8, 2007

a few things...

I can't believe we are half way through Scrap That Tune at Scrappy Giraffe!THis weeks challenge was great!! I choose the song Yesterday by the Beatltes, Mission - title of song as your title and mini album with 4 pages ( i added more), Requirements paint, staples, chipboard alphas, ribbon, fiber, rub ons, flowers i think that was it?-Bonus-notebook paper. I loved the idea of a mini album and the song Yesterday fit perfect with my pictures i thought of when i say the song this is my now 6yr old Kyle! here is what i came up with!thanks SGDT girls for a great challenge!

Well today I went too get an utlrasound and a pelvic one (fun!!) done today! so far my blood test have came back high which is good! everything looked good on the ultrasound! My EDD looks to be what I thought it was July 2, 2008 my bday-happy birthday to me what a great present huh!!lol I got to see the heartbeat which was REALLY cool!! it was going 111 beats a minute very strong! I have a picture but of course b/c i am a dork i can't figure how to use the scanner???duh but see if Doug can help me figure that out and i will post a picture later.
when i was upstairs trying to figure the scanner i found this video of Aaron he must of been like 10 months and Kyle was about 21/2yrs old..hopefull this will work :)
i wish i took more videos of my boys!i can tell you though i have tons of pictures!! :)
i will have to be better taking videos with the next one right??lol

and if you all can say a pray for my Mom she is in the hospital. :(


CandaceHNC said...

Great mini-album, Michelle! Hope you are feeling well (congrats on your pregnancy and good ultrasound)!!

Stacey said...

Great mini book!!! And cute video.

Joshua was born the day after my birthday and Abby was born on my husband's birthday. We totally didn't plan it that way.

I hope your mom is better soon!

Leah said...

Will be praying for your mom hon. So sorry to hear she's in the hospital! Hey.. if you don't have that lil cutie on your birthday, make sure to have her on mine (7/3) LOL
That mini album is awesome!! Love how you completed it so quickly. and all the other pages are rockin!!

Leah said...

How's your mom doing sweetie? Been thinking of you all!

Chrissy Le said...

Awesome mini book girl!! LOVE it! The video is sooo cute!