Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Wednesday

few random things
Never posted Jase's 7 month pictures can't believe it already so big!so LOVED!
here are my boys... Big brother Kyle & Jase-kyle is a great big brother always there to help make him laugh whatever it is he LOVES to help his baby brother out!

Big Brother Aaron & Jase-loves Jase lots loves to show him all his star war toys cannot wait for Jase to get bigger and play with him!

love this picture oozes love <3>

I joined Survivor over at Tallyscrapper we had to alter a container/box.. i am not much into altering not my thing...made this to hold the boys card games (goldfish stuff like that)

recent layout i did of Aaron and his Obsession with his army men.

Valentine's day we went to NYC and it was cold didn't stay long I couldn't handle the cold i know i am a wuss!here are a few pictures really the only pictures i

Love this sign thought it was pretty cool looking

the boys on Canal Street waiting for Daddy..

Layout I did of my Mom for her birthday...

Jase at 5 1/2 months man has he grown!

This was just taken over the weekend he is just too cute i could eat him Up!

We are all finally feeling better thank goodness was a long few weeks! Been in a funk lately this weather has really been getting to me i am soo ready for spring!! hope it comes soon or else i am gonna lose it! Oh we got a new dinning room set this past weekend will be getting it next week very excited about that we need it so that our whole family can fit comfortable at the table and i can take the director chair out of the dinning room here is a picture of it very excited to get its going to look great in the dinning room.. (imagine taken from

Nothing really that intersting going on here same old stuff different day! This week we are going to our friends Karen & Elliot for Big T (Thelma) birthday Reggie birthday party should be fun! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by :) hugs


Kimmie0270 said...

Those are some great shots of the boys!

emelyn said...

Those boys are just too sweet. Love how the big brothers love Jase so much!