Sunday, January 3, 2010

if you are looking for some awesome kits & scrap goodies these are my 2 FAVORITE places to go!!

TallyScrapper has some great kits run about $30- and a store..they also do subscriptions (new)and you will get a discount up to 20% off!! the message board is fun to hang out in the one thinG i LOVE about Tally is you get your $$ worth in shipping if you buy stuff you can hold it and have it mailed when you are ready or when its worth to ship to you!how cool is that!great place to hang and get tons of inspiration!!come check it out!

Has some ROCKING kits loaded with great scrappy goodness there kits run about $30-40 bucks has store, MB lots of inspiration!! Noel Mignon here is her link so come check it out!

Enjoy your week!!

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Leah Crowe said...

WOOHOOO I just know you will rock those Tallykits to smithereens! How's the first week of school going after break? I miss break here too... I just like having the kids home. Noel has a forum? I'll have to check it out.. I was just on her blog the other day for the current challenge. xoxo