Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scrapping Scrapping!!!

Omg I have been pretty busy the last few weeks!! As I am posting my pages realizing how much I have done since my last upload holy cows!! Alot of that is thanks to Tallyscrappers Cyber Crop had a great time and got so much done! Can't wait til the next one!

This page was for the Cyber Crop Shopping List:
Tally Treasure Hunt #11

Tally Treasure Hunt Final Challenge #12!

Treasure Hunt #8

For the Cyber Crop Hoarders Delight: mine was the Elise Abbey & Jack paper line

sorry its sideways...for a recycling Challenge on Tally (still going on) everything was recycled on this page!

Cyber Crop DT Lift I lifted Cristal page...

Cyber Crop Choose your path Challenge

Tally Crop Puzzle Challenge:

Cyber Crop Bingo CHallenge:

Project Runway #1 (not sure if this is up already)

Project Runway week #4

Project Runway week #2

Project Runway #3

Think that is about it! not too bad for me for 2wks!! Come over to have some great challenges Project Runway still can come and join in!

Also we have a new Co-Creative Director Ms. Leah Crowe my EFT!!so happy to be working side by side a super creative talented chicka!! check out her blog on my side bar!

Thanks for stopping by please leave a comment nice to know someone reads this!!bwwaaa xoxo


Leah Crowe said...

Your scrappy work is amazing my EFT!! I consider myself to be lucky and honored to be working beside you at TallyScrapper!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all your layouts and cards. xoxoxxox

Katie said...

I Love all of these! Your work is FABulous!

Katie said...

Hey babe....I really do love what you have been up to!