Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bad bad Blogger

there I said it!!well i have been pretty uncreative lately really need to get my flow going again!Just been so tired at night by 7 i am ready for bed my eyes are heavy and my brain just doesn't want to think of anything!And besides that I TOTALLY purged some MAJOR pattern paper from my stash that has been growing and totally making feel i purged 2 Mystery boxes they will be mailed out next week!thanks guys hope you likely and have fun playing with it all! So now of course I need to replenish and shop right!!LOL I am in the middle of doing a LO hoping to get it done but can't promise might be tomorrow! Doug went to Foxwoods with John he is turning the BIG 40!!so they are doing whatever men do whatever that is? Doug decided to tell me that Jon Bon Jovi is going to be there!!!the NERVE!I can't believe it so sad i will not be there to coughstalkcough I mean to see him! I remember getting an email from his fan club forwarding it to Doug figured if he really wanted to surprise me that would be a great surprise(another DREAM/WISH is swimming with the dolphins-one day!) Hope you guys are having fun behave yourself!
Aaron's school had a Carnival today kids had a blast!I helped out with the Duck Pond easy win game kids loved it!Oh and we got Aaron & Kyle's haircut today both look so darn cute (forgot to get a picture tomorrow)Kyle did GREAT, Aaron on the other hand did HORRIBLE screamed bloody murder the last time he did SOO MUCH better not sure what was up today??told him i will be doing his haircuts and he will be getting a bowl cut!lol
The boys and I hung out and watched Chicken Little (Aaron's favorite) and Cats & Dogs tonight got some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamy YUMM-O had my FAVORITE Peanut Butter Perfection and it was PERFECT!
okay well I talked enough I will leave you some pictures of the boys in the bath and my belly :)

getting nice and clean!

my 23weeks belly :) this boy is very active!!!Look who I found under my bed Wednesday night!!!Mr. Kyle with his blankie (looking all dirty!)

sorry for leaving you all for so long i will try to do better! Enjoy the rest of your weekend....later.


Jessica said...

ahhhh love the tub pictures Michelle! and your belly is cute cute cure momma!!! XOXOXX

Donna said...

The new pics are so cute! Love the baby hiding under the bed! Can't wait to see that page. ;)

PS, I hope it's OK that I added your blog link to my blog.