Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron

My baby is 5 today!!!Thinking back 5 years ago at 12:42am and you entering our world your family so eager to see what you look liked and excited for you to meet your big brother Kyle. Time surely does fly.....
I got him to stay still for a few seconds to snap these pictures this boy is always on the move!!We had his party yesterday at Champion everyone had lots of fun running around jumping and tumbling! my pictures did not come out the greatest the lighting was horrible!! and when i tried to take a picture of his cake my camera wasn't working???but i think i forgot to turn it on!duh Mom!We are giong to Chilli's tonight with Doug's parents to celebrate his bday/Easter. (we will be going to NJ for Easter!Can't wait to see Mom & Dad "Hi guys") anyway just wanted to give a shout out to me my little boy who really isn't too little anymore! Happy Birthday buddy hope you enjoyed your day!you have brought so much happiness into our lives!We LoVe you!!!xoxoxoxo

not sure what the finger by the mouth is all about??lol
he thinks he looks cool!

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Stacey said...

The finger by the mouth is totaly cracking me up. I could totally imagine joshua doing something like that in the future. Boys are so silly! He's just adorable! Happy late birthday to him!