Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Wednesday!!

Long time no see!been CRAZY busy with LiFe!Here I am at 30wks already I know time is flying!though some days it feels like I've been preggers FOREVERA! HapPy Birthday to this sweet, cute, sassy girl Nia!!the BIG 4!!!she had her party at FUn sTAtion the boys for the very first time went roller skating really wish i was able to go skating w/them!i haven't' skated in a VERY long time!!I believe in about 10 yrs!last time was when Brianna was down visiting me she was about 12(ish??)anywhoo the kids had a blast here are a few pictures haven't' edited any of them so some are pretty dark. Naomi I will lighten them up and will send you the edited pictures.

LoVe this picture of Naomi I think she needs to see a dentist REALLY BaD!!!
And we got our GROSS Fugly rug out of our family room! here is Doug working hard clearing out the room on Sunday.
And here is the end result!LOVE them Asian Bamboo the room looks so much BrightER! trying to not put so much stuff back in got rid of 2 big things!
So as you can see I haven't scrapped anything this week :( just too much going on! but hoping that I will get some done this weekend!I've been reading Page Maps totally LOVing this book!totally aspiring and totally recommended it for any book juNkie!
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Donna said...

WOW Look at you! You are almost there! Not much longer and we'll be seeing that sweet baby boy!

The boys rollerskating are just too cute!

And lastly, your new floor is looking so good!!! I really like that bamboo flooring a lot!