Friday, April 11, 2008

A tAsTe Of SpRinG!!

Thursday was 70!!!yes I said 70 and boy it was beautiful to feel the warm sun!Aaron, Jacob(Jake came over to play with us while his mommy was doing some stuff at school) and I picked up Kyle from school and we walked home (okay-I did park a few blocks away!)it was great we walked back with Patti (aka Mrs. Read), Kyla, Madison, Emmi & Jacob and stopped and got some ice cream from the ice cream truck came home got dinner ready than went back out to blow some bubbles and played some b'ball!! it was nice just wished we had more days like that but know they are right around the corner! Friday rainy and chilly :( this weekend doesn't look much better!hopefully next week since the boys are off for Spring Break.

My most recent layout in WEEKS!Kyle's loves his Tiny Whites for Spot Tag Challenge I lifted one of Vera's layout here is what i came up with.........................-->>

The boys are off all next week so hoping i can keep up with them!going to find something for them to do so I or they don't go insane for the week!Wish me luck hopefully the weather will be nice so we can do the park and stuff like that!Have a great weekend thanks for stopping by!
later dudes!


Leah C said...

Tiny whites? That is the cutest name for those.. lol Awesome layout!! You sub to thescrapspot? Will have to check them out. WOW I just realized.. only about 3 months to go.... any updates for us?

Stacey said...

70? I am so jealous! :) Great page and I love the name for the cereal!