Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jase is 3 months old

(well yesterday)he is offically 3 months old already!! i can't believe it how fast it has gone!for some reason i remember Kyle & Aaron being newborns forevera!i guess maye since Kyle was my first and i was clueLESS!and Aaron i was still trying to figure things out with a 17 month old wanting my attention and a newborn and also both of them were cryers (is that a word?)and didn't sleep that well durning the night! Where Jase he has been sleeping through the night for the last week and 1/2 and pretty much is a great baby!i've been blessed God knew i need it!..lol here are a few pictures of my little man yesterday was one of the exceptions he was not having a good day..not sure what was going on ended bringing him to the doctors thought maybe an ear infection..but no he is fine so all is good! better safe than sorry as i say!and since the boys are off of school today if he wasn't feeling well i didn't want to have to bring all 3 of them and sit in the dr's office for 2 hours!not fun for any of us!
here are a few photos of Jase

Here is my layout for the Survivor challenge at TallyScrappers the requirements were
* must be 12x12* must have a stitched edge* must have a paper pieced tree* include an owl, bird, hedgehog or deer* have 2 photocorners* journal on a cloud* 3 photos* and title it Life Is Beautiful...here is what i came up with...
and here are a few layouts i found that i have forgotten to share..

we are going to the library today and i want to get the Twilight book that everyone has been raving about so i am joining in the club. oh and this weekend we got Jase Dedicated i will post a few pictures didn't get that many i wasn't feeling to hot!!hate feeling crappy! alright gotta go Jase is calling(crying) me...



Kimmie0270 said...

He's getting so big! And your layouts are fabulous!

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Wow! i'm loving the LO's Isn't it soo much fun scrapping and taking care of 3 kids lol! I'll call ya later. Hugs chickie

emelyn said...

Yeah Michelle!! You are a scrapping freak...WTG getting all that done with a tiny baby!

Happy 3 months, Jase!! I can't believe the time that has passed, LOVE your tiny toesies!!