Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Monday...

Well I've been a slacker keeping my blog updated!Trying to get in some kind of groove with school, you think i would be less busy with both of them in school (full day), but it seems like I am more busy. PTO Fundraiser has been keeping me busy getting the Fall Fund. out and trying to get other things done for it! Good news that I was offered my job back at Park Ave :) pretty cool now just to work out babysitting and hoping the days she needs me i can do! but the more i think of it the more it freaks me out leaving Jase!!I've always been home with all my babies..but it will be okay its only like 10 hours!
Anywhoo Labor day we went down to the shore (yes the Jersey SHore, said in my joisey accent ;) lol)
from L>R Kyle (peeping his head in)Donna (my sister), Mom, Me, Aunt Bonnie, Lauren, Aunt Jane, Christine (all doing our America Next Top Model Poses!!Lol)
Aunt Donna, Jase & Unce Joe (Godparents to Jase)

My beautiful Mama and my sexy ;) Aunt Jane

Kids played in the water and sand all day!
we playes some volleyball we warm-up'd up for a very llooonnnggg time!!
i need to be taller to play volleyball or the nets need to be lowered and i would be a much BETTER volleyball player!it was alot of fun!hoping to maybe make a tradition of doing this every year!
I have more pictures from Saturday at the beach but need to download them..had lots of fun with the boys.We were suppose to go to the beach with the family on Saturday but the weather was recalling for rain in the evening so we just went for a walk on the boardwalk, but it ended up being beautiful and we stayed to watch the fireworks the were DA BOMB!!best i have seen in a LONG time!
here are my 3 boys looking at the picture i can see a little bit of Kyle & Aaron in Jase. (9wks) need to do my 2month photo shoot with him was going to do it on his 2month bday but he had 5 shots and was EXTREMELY cranky poor baby!
here are my Olympic layouts (week 4)this one was RED/White only (only could use black & white photos) had to do a layout/card/ATC card here is what i came up with (not my best i was extremely sick and pulled this out the very last day!

week 5 Olympic Challenge had to make 17 pieces of your own pattern paper, no stickers/rub-ons/overlays, we could use stamps, paint etc.. journaling had to be 75 words about something you are closing the doors to (olympics closing ceremonies)something in your is what i came up with i have closed the doors to having that girl that i always dreamed of..God knows what is best for our family.and i am okay with that! Jase is a perfect fit to our family!

Hope all my blogging scrapping friends are doing well!will be stopping by your blog to see what you have been up too soon!

TFL :)


Kimmie0270 said...

I wish I had known you were at the Jersey shore... I would have come down. ;)

AbbieTorroll said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Looks like you had a great Labor day weekend! Love your newest work too:) Take care!