Saturday, October 4, 2008

Going apple picking

Our annual visit to Blue Jay Orchards. Turned out to be a beautiful day not to cold got lots of apple and planning on making an apple pie and hopefully not eat it all by myself!
here are some Turban Ghourds pretty cool looking Ghourd Swan
We went with our friends Elliot, Lil Elliot & Karina

Me and Doug since I couldn't get the kids to stick there heads in there for more than a 1/2 second!

type of apples that we picked..stayman were good, Jona-Gold ROCK!!!the best one!! ida red were okay and the winesap no taste!
Doug & Kyle testing out if they are up to our standards of juicy apples
Aaron picking some apples and trying to get him to smile for the camera is IMPOSSIBLE!
so daddy had to go to his tickle plan!works everytime! Karina & Aaron love this picture!
not sure if these were baby apples?or some sort of berries?i say there were baby apples DH said no they weren't. but they were in the middle of the apple trees?

Me & Dog on the hayride
the whole group -minus me!
Kyle found a HUGE pumpkin..sorry kiddo if you can't carry we no get!thats our motto
Aaron sad because they didnt' have any small pumpkins!
we didnt' get any pumpkins they were just too big and since we had the car seat and no stroller b/c we went on the hayride i wasn't about to carry them since Doug was carry the car we will go to Stews and get ours!

my neighbor had a garage sale and she was cleaning up and was going to donate the rest of the things that didn't sell to Goodwill. I i stumble acrossed these

and thought they would be a great embellish for a winter page or a card! (sorry the picture is in order to get 2 of these babies you need to show me what you do with it when you get them!so pink-cyber promise! :)
thanks for stopping by!


Dolores said...

I love your photos, beautiful.

MARCY said...

What a gorgeous day and what a gorgeous family! Thankyou for sharing you fun family moment with the world. Yes, thats right I live in a little place called Wagga wagga in Australia. I subscribe to tallyscrapper and just happened to click on your blog from there. Isn't the web amazing! Its spring here and strange to hear you guys talking about fall. (we call autumn here) Well thats it ...I just wanted to say you have beautiful children and hubbys abit of okay as well! Thankyou for sharing!

vannasmom said...

you take such awesome pictures!! the boys and the rest of the gang looked like they ha a lot of fun , lordy those was some huge pumkins!!
If I won I would hand one on my christimas tree every year , and the other I would hand on my desk , cause they are too cute to go any where else! lol

kim's kreations said...

What a wonderful family that you have!! All of your pictures of the gourds are so all the fall colors.I think that the berry bush is an American Cranberry bush.You can even make jam from these.The crocheted snowflake is so pretty and I think it would be great on a winter themed layout. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your find.

Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

Wow.... lots of picts on this post!

First ... looks like you guys & dolls had an amazing outting! I would so love to go to an apple orchard. I use to get apple butter at the one I lived near before I moved! :( I so wish I could find one near me now. All I've been able to find is blueberries, peaches & pumpkins. Not to mention a few pick your own gardens (squash, greens, cabbage, beans, etc). I JUST GOTTA GET SOME FRESH APPLES!! Oh enough ranting ...... LOVE all the photos you took! I will be looking at your gallery on tally and expecting to see some awesome pages w/those photos! :)

Your treasure from the yardsale is awesome. I wish I had something like that to make a creation with right now, but I don't sadly. Maybe I'll happen up on one soon.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

(okay I made a post but it vanished on me! this is my second)

Firstly, WOW! Major photo-age! Love all the picts. Looks like you all had so much fun! I wish we had an apple orchard around here. I used to have one near where I lived before I moved. I used to go pick a few and buy some apple butter there! MMMMMMmmmmm good! All I have here are blueberries, pumpkins, and the occasional u-pick-it gardens (greens, cabbage, beans, squash). I long for an apple orchard. Until then I'll live vicariously through your picts. Maybe I'll photoshop me into one and pretend! LO! Seriously, so loving the picts and I expect to see a layout in your tally gallery soon!

Secondly, on the yardsale treasure! This is why I love yardsales! You can find the most amazing things there! I wish I had some on hand to show you how'd I'd use them, but unfortunately I only have paper doilies. Good luck w/the treasure!

Subscribing now,
Susan (scrappydoo2u)

art-girl said...

First, beautiful boys you have!!! Some great photos of your fun pumpking patch time.

I LOVE these crocheted snowflakes. My mom and I used to make them, starch them and GIVE them as gifts. You know how many we made? And I don't have ANY left!!

I'd do a scrapbook page about these little gems, add them as embellishments and tell the stories of how my mom taught me to crochet ... and find some photos of one of our Christmas trees showing flakes just like this hanging on the tree!


kramer_buffy said...

I'll pinky promise ya.... but I need them fast... I am doing xmas presents now... LOL!!!!!

-- dalis

gab423 said...

Love seeing your fall photos and your family is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love your fall photos. We sooooo need to do this with the kids too.

bAbYbEcKy said...

wow, looks like you had a GREAT time! What beautiful pics!!!!

Heather Plank said...

Michelle - first time to your blog and I love it. Love the photos... you have a beautiful family! See ya on Tally!

Heather (heatherpp2p)