Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long time no bloggy...

And I have a good reason why! we swtiched over from Satelite to Comcast last Thursday and guess what happened???yep i lost my internet & phone!!how frustrating they have HORRIBLE customer service.. Friday someone came to fix our problems and it worked for I guess an hour tops and back to the same the Saturday i called and couldn't get anyone to help us the next avaialbe day was Tuesday between the hours of needless to say I(we)were not happy campers at all..So he came and fixed it and still have some issues with the phone (knock on wood)its be good all day today!he was to come today to fix our box since that isn't working properly! He will be here Thursday to fix the rest and hopefully that will be the end of our dilema with Comcast!if we do have more problems we will be going back to our old servies never had these kind of problems! and i have no laptop so sad :( so i am on our computer upstairs which is always easy accessible to me when the boys are home but at least i have my computer back!!so enough of that crap!!

here is what we have been up too...
4 months already!!!(this is a photo from last week) he has a stuffy nose and is sleeping so i don't want to distrub him) he is getting soo big!!!going to the Doc tomorrow to get his measurements and all that other good stuff and not soo good stuff(shots!) my little man he is aborable cute and such a good baby!the boys love him fighting over who is playing with him first yadayada brother stuff!.

some layouts i have would think since i had no interent or phone i would have done more scrapping nah!!hung out and cleand & with the boys!here is one i did not my fav didn't have the right embellish for this layout, but the memory of this day is done so its all good.

TallyScrapper Survivor Challenge LO Week 4 had to use a CD cover as your inspriation i choose Billboard cover, journaling had to have 14 things you loved um and can't remember the other requirments but i did met all the requirements :)

Still survivoring!!Week 5 of TalyScrapper Survivor challenge
LO in any size~ 8.5x11
pictures to be matted on white cardstock~CHECK
photos look like they were taken in a photobooth~CHECK
journal in your own handwriting & use numbers~CHECK
and use a leaf~CHECK

I used TallyScrapper kit Outdoor Orchard kit eveything from the kit except the chipboard letters (FUN) & paint...really love this one of me and Aaron

Here are the boys getting ready for a halloween party. Kyle is using his comstume from last year he is going to be Ben 10 on is our pirate Doug picked up last year the boys are loving it there is a microphone you can talk and the mouth moves...we couldn't figure out how to stand it up but we figured it out!pretty scary at night when you walk into the room and see him standing there!!

Here is mini Diane Ross isn't she cute!!this is Karina at FedEx halloween party..Kyle didn't wear his costume, Aaron did for a bit than took it off.(October 26)

Kyle lost his other front tooth now he has a big ole gap!and he also lost his one on the bottom he has lost 3 teeth within 2wks!

remember Jiffy Pop!!Kyle saw this at the grocery store and wanted to try it..Here he is shakin it on the stove he really had fun doing this thought it was the coolest thing evera! (oct 17th)

pretty cool huh!

here is some shots i took of Jase & me sigh he fills my heart with love!!

i got one of those baby holders testing it out..think it should help me when he wants to be close to me..

That is pretty much what we have been up to! Aaron was coming down with something this past Friday so i took him home early with me and he played like nothing!!had a cough and runny nose tried to get him to rest but not to easy with him always on the go!I started getting sick on Sunday runny nose feeling crappy still fighting it off i've been sick to many times since September not sure what it is with me i need to kick this out of my system for good! off to go write a nice letter to Comcast and ther oh so not great customer service!!ggrrr



Julie said...

OMG!! He is getting so big and chubby!!!!!

Cropstop said...

OMG>... what are you feeding that baby?!?!?! he is huge!!!!!

Cropstop said...

btw. htat last one is me Dalis... long story!