Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Very LONG winded post!!

Well its been a busy last few weeks!this is what has been happening in my life and in no particular order! Jase man November 29Th 5 months already!!i can't believe it he is getting too big too fast!i know i have said it before but i will say it again he is the best baby!!i have been tripled blessed with this one!xoxo muwah!
I finally got around to altering this i have had it for over a year! i filled it with candy and the boys are really excited for Christmas so at least this way they don't have to ask me every other hour how many more days!!!lol

We went down to NJ for my Mom-Mom's 80Th (surprise)birthday she is such a wonderful woman love her to pieces! here are some of the grandchildren and great grandchildren

no fooling her she had an idea something fishy was going on!lol

omg look how tired i look!!i need BOTOX!!

this is my brother (Uncle)Robert with the boys he just loves them to death and my boys love to see him there new thing to torture him is to call him Uncle Roger!! When Aaron calls him he always calls him that??lol

My sister Donna feeding Jase! if you are reading this i just wanted to say thank you, I love and so glad we are sisters!sometimes i just have to sit back and take a deep breath and smile that we are finally getting along and being sisters!means the world to me to know I have you always there to help/support/talk/advice whatever too!! muwah!! (okay enough w/the sappy craP);)

November 21st over at Tallyscrapper I started a 30 day photo challenge (which i participated on another MB wanted to do it again)I decided to do it on Doug & I which was probably not the best idea meaning its so hard for us to get a picture together of us with his work schedule but i have gotten some here are 2 of them!i have already scrapped some!oh yeah this picture below i had my hair done colored and cut loving it!

here is the layout i did with a few of the pictures..this was for TallyScrapper 12 Days of Christmas Challenge..should come over and check it out!
The Kindergarten classes had there Thanksgiving feast, they are all just too cute!!Aaron was so happy to see me!(well not in this picture)

Tried to get a decent picture of all of us on Thanksgiving, but not the best will have to try again!

Here are my 3 blessing...

Our entertainment tonight...
was Kyle dancing for us in his UndErWeaR!!whats up with that??he thinks it is the funniest thing evera!! please tell me this is normal??and he is not going to be a Chippendale dancer when he grows uP!!And the best part is when he does this Doug ask hi where he gets this from and you know wanna know what this brat says Mom!!I swear I do not dance around the house in my underwear!!little stinker!
even Dad busted out some moves (not in his underwear though) doing the Moon Walk
Than of course like always wrestling aka attack Dad that is always fuN!
Jase's first Thanksgiving and his cute outfit sponsored by Aunt Donna..thank you its adorable!

Not the best shot but here (Doug took this picture)is Doug's parents looking at Jase he looks so much like me when i was little!need to find my baby pictures!
Aaron's latest obsession the leapster plays with it for hours..putting the letters in alphabetical order, in patterns, by colors, shapes. Funny at his teacher parent conference his teacher said that he new some of his letters about 13 of them but she said he could do the sounds of all of them!she said "this must be a leapster kid" and he is! he is learning so much and his mind is soaking it all up he can't get enough!
In other news I finally started my Special Friend job back up at the school before i was just doing alot of paper work to get started so I am working Monday/Fridays really having a hard time leaving Jase I know he is fine just hate leaving him since he is my LAST one and so little, but its good for me i need the break and the job is FANTASTIC I've been truly blessed to get this job!Oh and we finally got our wireless router and I am not stuck in my room on the computer i have it back by my scrap desk and now i can scrap & surf!!so missed it..i was really getting crabby b/c i wasn't able to scrap well I know i could of but its like a mental thing and just couldn't do it with out my laptop??does that make sense??ah can we say addicted!!
So do you have your tree up?we don't i am thinking of trying to pull it up myself and try to get it up! Doug is not feeling to well so i might try tomorrow to get it up the stairs!will to have it up for awhile before we take it down again!
Think that is really about it going on here!so i am signing off! Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment makes me feel special!


Kimmie0270 said...

What great pictures - you certainly have been busy. Our children truly are the greatest blessings.

On another note I'd love if you came down to NJ for a day or so for that crop. LMK if you decide you are going to.

Donna said...

AWWW The boys are all getting so big!!! They are so cute!!! LOVED looking at all of your pictures!

Candace H said...

You have been very busy! Great photos and hope you are loving it over at TallyScrappers... maybe one day I'll find time to come play. Oh, and I did create my blog header, thanks for asking :-)