Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Aaron

Aaron Jacob weighing in at 7lbs 3oz...time 12:42Am..... 6years later here he is and just as loveable & adorale as the day we met him!!
In school wearing his birthday crown...

Here are the cupcakes I made..can you guess what his theme was for this year??

Aaron & Kyle playing there PSP's
obviolously my pictures are in a wacky he is opening up his big gift from us.

I think he liked it :)
Here is Aaron's basket of goodies for his teacher Mrs. Fortuanto. I have been trying to do something to teach the boys about giving and not always about getting!so I asked Mrs. Fortuanto if there was anything she need for the classroom she had a few things she could use so she gave me her wish list. For his friends invited I told them instead of buying for Aaron we will be donating to Mrs. F wish list for the classroom.It turned out great she got a bunch of stuff she can use for the classroom! I have talked to Aaron about this all last week about giving to the class hoping he wouldn't be upset that he didn't get any gift..(he honestly does not need another toy!) and Mrs. Fortuanto is going to be so happy with him and his friends!!He really loves his teacher so I think it really made it easy for him to do this!here is her basket of goodies!!

Here is the card I made her..she also got some GC to the Parent Teacher store & Borders!

Here is Aaron's birthday card i made him..

Here are some pictures of his party on Saturday at Fun Factory he had a blast as did all his friends!

loved the boxing ring!the boys were in it every chance they got!

Here is my Survivor week 4 layout... 3 buttons, corrugated cardboard & use 'that is what she said"

Now to work on my TMIR for Feburay and my Survivor for this week!been a long weekend!!
Happy to my baby I can't believe he is 6 already!!where does the time go love ya baby!

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Laurajean said...

Happy Birthday Aaron....WOW, the big "6"!! And I love what you did instead of getting presents, that is awesome girl ;)
I swear, our little men are growing up so dang quick...Its hard to believe that Kaleb just turned 8 this month too.

Have a blessed day Michelle ;)