Thursday, April 9, 2009

long time no bloggy...:)

Hey friends probably have abandoned me since i haven't been around in awhile..not sure where the time is going!! This week is Easter!!!how did that happen???we are going down to Jersey for Easter the boys will be able to see there cousins (they haven't seen each other since Xmas).
Anywhoo my pictures are in random order.....this picture Kyle took of Jase at our school dance!which turned out fabolous!!! Jase here 9months (March 29th)
he is the HAPPIEST baby alive!!

Jase rolling over (March 27th)yeah!!!!

Clapping our hands is our new thing!!soo stinking cute!


April 7th little man didn't want to take his nap so I had some things to do around the house so sat him in his Bumbo put on Noggin Wow Wow Wubzy was on he was talking than didn't hear anything check in on him and found him.......

he wasn't too tired!lol

Week 8 Survivor Challenge

My playlist Challenge over at TallyScrapper

Did this for Karen loved how it turned out!
another challenge over at TallyScrapper had to make a Thank You card for someone at school not use primary colors or school that little monster soo cute!!

went to Tarrywile today (finally some decent weather!4-8-09)

The boys trying to catch some frogs...

Aaron looking so grown up! his friend MeKyle came with us...though him and Kyle played very well together and played together without Aaron...thanks for stopping by and looking please leave a note so i know you stil come by and say "hi" :)


Leah Crowe said...

i think i may have lost ALL my blog buddies too... me thinks WE need to blog regularly!! lol
LOVE all the photos!

JuliesAddiction said...

i still check you out girl..and leah too whenever you put something new ;)
Love all of your photos of your boys...and Jase.....way too cute!!!

Stacey said...

Cute cute photos! I love the one of him asleep in the Bumbo!! LOL Great pages, too!!! Hope you have been well!!

Laurajean said...

OMG, Look at how big your kiddos are getting girl...definitely need to blog more. Awesome photos and layouts girl ;)

Julie said...

He it tooooooooooo cute!!!