Friday, August 3, 2007

Think you can Scrap Week 5

This week we had to do a layout using a song title and 4 lyrics for our song in the journaling. I choose to do my Pop-pop and choose the song by Boys to Men Its so hard to say goodbye.

I also did some journaling hidden before the picture.if you care to know it says;When I first heard this song I just lost my Pop-pop. I was in the shower and I cryed like a baby. My heart never hurt so much!Such a HUGE loss for our family.When I hear it now it brings back great memories of him I remember him always telling me,"Michelle I am praying for a nice Christian boy for you"I think he would be very happy with my decision!I remember him making a tire swing for us and I was (un)lucky one to test it out and the rope broke!!Giving us a dollar everytime he saw us, at church he sat in the same pew and take a little cat nap(though he would deny it).I was blessed to be apart of his life he is the BEST Pop-pop EVER!I am lucky to have an angel watching ove me and my family! I love you!

Our mid-week challenge was to make a card also using a title of a song. I made a card for my bro Rob in CA using the song by Kymaxx I miss you..sorry for the cheesy picture bad lighting at night that is what i get for waiting for the last minute!!looks better IRL :)
TFL have a good one and stay cooL!
oh yeah tomorrow we are going to a Yankee game with my Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Curtis!!WHOOOOO GO YANKS!!!


Julie said...

Great work girlie!! Your journaling made me weepy :(

Leah said...

Oh what a sweet layout Michelle! Your pop pop sounds like he was awesome! Love your tribute to him

Amy Birch said...

Your journaling was very touching. Your grandfather looks like he was such a sweet man. A wonderful tribute to him, Michelle.