Monday, August 6, 2007

Think you can Scrap Week 6

This weeks challenge Power of 3-

journaling reads
June 10th 2007 in Hartford CT at the Elizabeth Gardens was the Walk for Autism. My parents joined us for the walk, it meant a lot to have the support and we raised extra money for Autism! In totally we raised together about $650, pretty cool! We did this walk for our Aaron and every child who is on the Autism Spectrum. Aaron has come very far with all his therapy! Though he still does have some 'quirky' behavior it makes me love him even more! There are days were I feel sad and want to cry and wish people would be more understand and not give me 'the look' to control my child and make me feel like a not so good Mom. Aaron has taught me so much! to work hard, smile over the little things for him its cars and army man and he is a happy camper! also taught me not to judge other people/parents because I do not know what goes on behind there closed doors! And just because they look 'normal' doesn't mean that it isn't something more than appearances! We couldn't love you and be more proud of you!!oxxoxox
now we wait til Wednesday for our mid week bonus :)


Chataqua said...

Oh, Michelle, the journaling is BEAUTIFUL girl! You know your writing for both of us:) But thank God for our 2 cool" boys:)

Leah said...

what a fabulous layout! Thank you for words of wisdom about judging others.. sometimes it's just entirely too easy to do. Big hugs sweetie, you and your family are fabulous!!

Amy Birch said...

I love your challenge layout!!! It's so perfect with the journaling, the fun pics, and bright cheery colors!

May I add your blog to my list of faves?

Would you like to do a photo swap with me?

I'm supposed to be jacking your layout right now, but I think I'm going to take the night off from scrapping...lazy me!!!

Have a great night, Michelle!

Hey, where was that ice cream place in your layout that you posted this week?


Nancy K. said...

Great job Michelle. :) I so loved this page!