Thursday, December 20, 2007

First pictures our soon coming addition!

This ultrasound was done on November 8th at 6wks 1day just a little nut :)got to hear the heartbeat totally AWESOME to hear that sound again so AMAZING. Here is were I am at today(12/20) 12wks what a difference 6wks make. See the little white speck that's the s/he waving to us very active the little peanut was!!everything is looking good!!!

At the dinner table tonight we showed the boys the picture of the baby here was the funny converstion between the two of them
K-Mommy's belly is going to get bigger, bigger, bigger and bigger, and bigger than on her birthday her baby is going to come out POP!!!
A-oh is she going to choke on the baby!!!
I am sure there will be more funny conversations to come between those two!
Have a great Christmas holiday enjoy your family and don't eat too much!!!;)


Leah said...

*giggling* ahhh so cute!!! Alicia had her baby the other day, and now you're pregnant, and I'm getting baby fever!! I just want to snuggle with a lil warm body and sighhhhhhh you'll have to take lotsa snuggly baby photos when she comes (cuz she's gonna be a girl) so I can still some of this fever! (lol) Merry Christmas to you all!!

Stacey said...

Amazing!!!! And I love theie comments! LOL Kids are so funny!!

Dolores said...

I love the photos, congrats I didn't realize you were expecting!