Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Leah this is what you have been asking for!

As they say ask and you shall receive!well LEAH here it is not the best belly shot but a shot that I did by myself(next time I will have DH do it), I am 12wks in this picture as you can see my pj shirt is riding up already clothes are getting tighter i will defintely need some new clothes VERY soon! cute bittle (big/little)bump ;)

I finally scrapped and its not a lift!!!(sorry for the glare)even though I noticed I scrapped a little over a week ago it feels like FOREVERA since I have done anything! slow but steady right??its something!I have had theses notes lying on my scrap table that Kyle leaves on my desk throughout the day he LOVES writting notes giving us tickets!lol I guess being in 1st grade is really making him want to write more he always had a hard time writing he is a lefty (like his Daddy) and i always had a hard time helping him he holds his pencil very akward-he is an a 20 wk Reading Recovery program in school and is doing GREAT! his reading is coming along GREAT!his writing has IMPROVED in just 3 months you would have never of know he had difficult writing!so proud of him and all his hard work!i know he is proud of himself it shows when he leaves me all these loves notes and reads to me :) proud mommy 'moment' is over :)


Leah said...

*squeals* seriously, you have the cutest lil belly bump. I'm so excited for you all :) Are the boys noticing a difference in your body change yet? LOVE the new layout, and the notes are just too sweet. Thank you so much for the Christmas card, it's hanging up on my wall now! Love ya chickie.

Stacey said...

Fun picture. I had to take most of mine, too. I used the timer, though. :)
Those little notes are just precious and so are the photos. He's such a cutie!