Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bye Nana

Thanks for all your help for the last 2 wks!it was really great having you hear and getting to hang out with you and spend one and one time together!we don't do it enough and I do miss spending girly time with you! Not sure why I didn't take another picture of Nana & jASE? probably craziness with everything going on I haven't been the greatest picture taker!!bad girl that i am!!Jase was crying and it drives Aaron crazy!so he helped out and gave him his binki(sp??)sweet baby sleeping soundly!soo sweet....
love the little butt in the air!
Kyle & me he has been such a GREAT helper!!!

My Dad & sister Donna (7/12/08)came up to pick up my Mom and came to meet Jase they were so excited to see him IRL and not pictures from the phone....
Aunt Donna doing her first diaper change!we were hoping Jase would "christian" her... maybe next time! I asked her to be the Godmother of Jase and I think she was pretty excited about it!! :)I think she will make a great Godmother to Jase!
We took Aaron to the water park at Roger's Park on Wednesday (7/9/08) he had a blast running around getting cooled off!Here is Jase at 2wks (7/13/08) can't believe its been 2wks already he already looks like he has filled out a bit!

Friday (7/11/08)I took Jase for his 1wk check-up he weighed in at 7lbs 8oz. On July 3rd we took him to the dr's and he was 7lbs 1oz so he gained about 8oz in 8days Dr. Ferguson said that was pretty good about an ounce a day! He is such a good baby I am soo loving having another baby boy in the house i could just eat him up!!!

Thanks for stopping bye have a good week!


Leah C said...

oh my goodness, look how beautiful... Love all the photos Michelle. He is so adorable!!

Donna said...

Awwww he is just too cute! I love all of his hair! It's great that the big brothers are helping out. Seems like you have had a BUSY 2 weeks (boy does time fly). Hopefully you will find a moment or 2 to get your scrap on.

emelyn said...

OMG, Michelle!! He is getting sooo big!! He is adorable and his 2 big brothers are so good with him. They both love him so much!! So glad you had family to help, that is always such a welcome!!