Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jase Keegan Stanzione

Got the call at 6am from the hospital that they were ready for me to come in
and get things started!!kinda EXCITED kinda NERVOUS!didn't want to be induced but didn't want to wait any longer. here is my last shot of my big ole belly kinda sad to see it go and feel the kicks/punches/hiccups going on and kinda of happy of not having to go pee every 4 1/2 mins! at 7:56 pm we finally got to meet our newest addition~Jase Keegan Stanzione 7lbs 6oz, 19in and looking kind of messy!
see the scale my DH wants to play those numbers his weight 7.5.6 time born 7:56 maybe its our lucky number!
me and Jase
Proud Daddy & jase
the next day Nana came to see you..
you and Dad looking soo stinking cute!!both of you :)So I guess around 11 they gave me a pill to soften up my cervix to see if that would do anything so i had to stay in bed for 2 hours than at 1 had to walk for 45 mins ate a VERY light lunch than Dr. DeVita came to check me to see if anything was going on and of course nuttin! so it was either another pill or start the with Pit. so she opted to start the Pit. so by 2 i was having mild contractions some a little worse than others than increasingly getting stronger!!!(ladies is this bringing back memories) came back to check me and still 1cm dilated so were going to wait alittle while than will break my water...well by 4 my water broke all by itself :)than I was 3 cm dilated know my contractions were REALLY kicking in!!thinking w/my 2nd one once my water broke i delivered him in about 1hr 45mins later..so hoping this would be the same and not have to get an epidural!!but by 6i was still 3 and was REALLY wimping out and opted to have an epidural!so by 6:21 i was getting the epidural and feeling good :) after i was finished they checked me again and just from the pressure from sitting up and the epidural relaxing me I was 6 cm dilated...just felt alot of pressure and was progressing nicely! nice to have the epi and it ACTUALLY worked! had it w/my first one and it didn't do a thing!! WOW I love EPIDURALS!!! :) so when it was time to push I did 4 pushes he was out!!! WOW...to think how much love you can have for someone its amazing! A miracle it its to be a woman and be able to carry a child and give birth an awesome amazing, wonderful experience!!
The boys are super excited Kyle i would say is the MOST excited can't stop touching him, kissing him, holding him, singing him songs everything for him! he says I love him Mom he is so cute!
Kyle is really stepping up and being such an AWESOME helper to me!helped Aaron w/his bath and even the baby!so proud of him i knew he would be a great big brother AGAIN!
Aaron really doesn't pay too much attention to him. When he hears him cry he check it out adn says 'hes crying i will get him some milk' or 'be very gentle/steady' when you carry him! and is craving alot of attention when people come to visit wants everyone to come play with him.
I will post more pictures of the boys i have a few good ones of Kyle, Aaron & Jase. I am off to rest and hang out with my boys :)


The Scrapping Edge said...

Congrats Michelle you look great and Jase is so cute! Glad that the epidural worked for you.

Kelly said...

I love his name- huge congrats, he is beautiful! I also love he pic of him holding onto the scale for dear life!

Weezy said...

Congrats Michelle and Doug!!! We are all excited for you!!! I can't wait to meet little Jase in person...he is such a cutie!

Patricia said...

Congrats to you and your family Michelle! He is adorable!

Marcie said...

He's beautiful! Congrats!

Bibi said...

Congratulations on the new addition!! He's precious!!! Jase is a great name. It's my son's name, too, except we spell it with a "c", lol.

Bibi said...

Congratulations on the precious new addition! Jace is a great name! It's my son's name, too, except we spell it with a "c", lol.

emelyn said...

aWwww Michelle!! I am so so so happy for you!! How awesome to have a new baby, LOVE new babies!! CONGATS to you and your family...welcome baby Jase!! GREAT name!

Jessica said...

congratulations sweet girl!! I was gone for a couple of days and missed when you posted this. CONGRATS!! Jase is a baby dollie! love the name!

Stacey said...

COngrats!!! I didn't realize it was time already!!! Wow!