Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to school

Here are my big boys! Kyle going into 2nd grade and Aaron in Kindergarten!!I can't believe it already!they were both a bit nervous, we walked to school today it was beautiful out. I realized on the walk home that Aaron usually runs ahead of me, but today he stayed right next to me holding on to the stroller (very UNLIKE Aaron),even in school he stayed near me, and he is pretty comfortable at the school since i was there alot with PTO stuff, so he was kinda nervous and anxious!When we got to school one of the teachers asked if they could take Aaron to class so i let them i didnt' know how he would do if i brought him and he seemed find with me not going but he wanted his big brother to walk with him!how cute :), so Kyle did but came back for me to come and walk him to class, he got a little teary eyed, but Ms. Fearn was there to help out and distracted him and i got out!i then went to check on Aaron and he was already digging in the sandbox he has been waiting to play with that since we went to visit the class back in June!Funny thing his aide in class was one of his aides he had when he was 3yrs old in Hayestown pretty cool! I picked the boys up from school and walked home and bought them some ice cream (SpongeBob there usual)we walked back with our friends, Patt(aka Mrs. Read),Kyla, Madison, Emmi & Jacob than they came over our house to play for a little bit. Aaron was crying when i picked him up he got a bit overwhelmed with all the people and being squashed (picking up there kids-bit chatotic)didn't really want to talk about what he did in class but he did say he didn't want to go back to !!?? so i guess overall it was a pretty good day for both we shall see how tomorow goes!

Guess who will be 2 months tomorrow??yep you guessed it Jase can't believe it already!!he has a 2 month check up tomorrow at 10:15 i will report back tomorrow on his stats he has to be at least 15lbs!! Going to try to do a little photo shoot with him and hope to post them tomorrow.

Tomorrow i have to pack for NJ this weekend we are going to go down for labor day and go to the beach witht he family should be fun havent had much beach time or vacation time with the new baby and stuff so it should be fun! Enjoy your holiday!!

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Donna said...

Awww they are so cute on the first day of school! Their stories are so sweet!

Happy 2 months to Jase! Hope the appointment goes well!