Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet our 44th President

the United States of America Barack Obama a historic election. Regardless of how you voted the fact that Obama was elected has me in awe!
In my little scrapping world..I finally got my TallyScrapper Survivor Challenge (week 6) done today nuttin like waiting for the last minute!
your title of your layout MUST be the name of a piece of Pink Paislee's paper. -DONE
your picture must be larger than 4x6, no smaller pics. -DONE
take a piece of flowered patterned paper, cut out the flower/flowers and use them on a layout. -DONE
show us your family-Here it is...

Another Challenge I did over at Tallyscrappers held by Susan using the title Thats what friends are i choose Karen since really she is one of my BFF (IRL)we are always getting together on the weekends with our kids...she is a hoot!!
So i am anxiously awaiting my for my Novemeber TallyScrapper kit desinged by our wonderful Christine!its absolutely FaBoLouS!!
Thats about all here Halloween was fun tiring but fun! reminds me i need to post some pictures!I am going to be working again probably starting in the next week or 2, i will be working 2 days a week and leaving my little man!!its killing me, its only 2 days i can do it!!(i hope)!!never left my boys this young, my MIL was suppose to watch him but not able too, but have a friend that is going to watch him she is certified and is great with kids and is giving me the "friend" discount!she ROCKS!so will bring in some extra money which is always good..right!
happy Wednesday Thanks for stopping by...

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