Monday, November 17, 2008

Countdown to Twilight


JuliesAddiction said...

Got my tickets for Sat at 430...with my daughters!!

createdmonster said...

Nothing about Twilight...just wanted to say thank you so much for keeping up with my medical issues and for all the nice thoughts and well wishes and concern!! You're great!!

Jessica said...

Hey sister!! thanks for stopping by, I've really missed chatting with you on the MB. seriously.

I'm doing good, I'm 5 weeks post op, and back to work, and all my normal stuff. was totally worth it! yay! I love that Tally kit! man, it's gorgeous.

did you know they filmed part of Twilight in Corbet Oregon? at the school? my son was in a play earlier this year at the school and the parking lot was always filled with the trailers! he may be in a part of the movie also. he's super excited!!

miss ya, XOXOX