Friday, November 21, 2008

Tally Scrapper Cyber Crop

this weekend going on!! Lots of great challenges going and some cool prizes to win!so if you have nothing to do and want to have some fun come on over and play with us!

I will leave you with my lastest which has been awhile since i seen my scrap desk it looks like a tornado hit it!i really need to clean it!just been so darn busy with PTO Fundraising stuff its crazy!and i am starting work up again so i've been working on getting alot of paper work done to get started and stuff like that!Wedesday I went to a workshop for the program and it was really informative always learn some valuable things! We came across something that really just hit me and it really inspired me! and hoping next week in my life it wil be so SO LESS crazy I will get to scrap it!!i have an idea in my head and i need to get it out its bugging me that i have something in my head i want to do and can't do it! don't you just hate that!ggrr this is my inspiration the next time i sit at my (tornado) desk!

I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.

do you remember when you were 6-10 years old and that one person that made YOU feel special, heard, know you can talk to them about anything, play barbies/cars with for hours whatever that person you know that if your Mom & Dad were not there that they would be!I know i do and i plan on scrapping that special person made me feel!

Here is my Survivor Layout Week 8... One of my favorites love how it turned out!My precious Jase sweet body parts! requirements were to scrap only body parts, stitching, scalloped edge, pictures not touching the edges...all requirements met and loved this challenge!

I found these pictures of Aaron I think 1 of them is when he was about 14 months and the other 3 he was about 2yrs old how cute is he!!my gosh brings back memories!

that is all I have gotten done this week!crazy busy with school stuff hoping next week will be better! and I am doing a 30 day Photo challenge at Tallyscrappers starts today!(which sadly i forgot-dork)so need to get working on it!i will be taking pictures for the next 30 days of Doug & I don't have many photos of us so this will be fun!

Have a great weekend!TFL


Kimmie0270 said...

That "Precious" layout is adorable... I'mna lift it! :)

emelyn said...

AWESOME layouts, Michelle and I really love that quote. I'm going to note it down to use in a future layout!! Good luck with getting back to work!!