Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

So who is making a New Year's Resloution this year? not me I never stick to them so why bother setting myself up for failure right...? lol Well if you are making a resloution, wishing you the bestest of luck!
and yes how was your Christmas?we had a great Christmas lots of celebrating here in CT with Doug's parents and than to NJ with my family than back here for the boys to open there gifts from us (Santa also). Now life can go back to somewhat of normalacy(one can wish right;) ).
Here is some pictures from Christmas and on Sunday(December 29th) we went to NYC crazy i know!!!it was fun some parts was SUPER CROWDED!!the boys had a blast that is all that matters!....waring LOTS of pictures!!!

Kyle & Mickey Mouse

Me & my boys.

all my boys...

Macy's X-mas windows

Aaron didn't really want to see them so he stood to the side

why can't they both smile at the same time!lol

Aaron's favorite toy (sorry pictures are a bit backwards)

Kyle SHOCKED about his PS2

So HaPPy he was hugging Aaron ;)

Christmas Eve at Aunt Jane & Uncle Darren's house. Santa comes and vist this is what the boys got from Santa Transformer voice changer helmut(forgot the name of it?)

Kyle's with Santa the one on his lap came out a bit blurry!

Me & DougRobert and his new girlfriend Christine she is super sweet and super sweet to my lil bro!!

Again why can't they both smile/look at the camera at the same time??lol Kyle was sick he had a temperature and a sore throat my poor baby :(

Me, Mom & Donna

My Thankful book inspired by Emily http://embers.typepad.com/ love how it turned out even the inside!

a book and a layout in like 2 days!tHATS a biGGIe for me!!! i have one i am working on my title is missing letters need to find some other letters to mix in for my title!
Hoping i got some scrappinMoJo back for the new year that would be SWEETA!!
and i also did this for BPS I signed up for the 31 layouts in 31 days challenge! so i need to do one layout a day!!wish me luck!
thanks for staying tuned as long as you did i know that was alot of rambling and pictures :)


Leah said...

WOWee looks like y'all had a great time in NYC! braver than I am, that's for sure.. I can't take the crowds. LOL I love in a couple of the photos, Kyle has this lil look on his face, can't describe it, but so fang cute. Love the photos of you & Doug! Happy new Year my sweet, and I love your new layout!

Stacey said...

Great photos! Looks like a lot of fun.

BTW, you won a small goodie on my blog. :) I think I have your address already on the TSS card list so I'll get it out to you ASAP. Happy New Year!