Wednesday, January 16, 2008

#15 & #16

Load #15 more pictures I found while organizing my pictures of Aaron (5 days short of turning 1yr old) #16 at Tarrywile Park March 2007-
I finally finished organizing all my pictures!!probably could of broke it down more but I think its good for now!
And my WONDERFUL, AWESOME, FANTASTIC BEST BUDDY (from TS)Jessica (you can check out her blog on the left)we were buddies and she sent me my last package and let me tell you she SPOILED me ROTTEN!I LOVED IT!!she go me The Artist-Ali Edwards new book after this i will go to bed and dig into it!oh wait there is MORE~she got me some great COLORFUL buttons, MM glitter paint, AC vinyl thickers, KI Pop Culture, Junkitz eXtreme boy pp(my FAVORITE), Doodlebug house, some chipboard and some matching CS!Jess RoCkS!!!
Thank you soo much Jess you really out did yourself!!THANK YOU SISTA!!!

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Jessica said...

oh honey, so glad you liked it all!! you deserved every bit of it, and I can't wait to see what you'll create with it! I've always wanted to try those doodlebug houses! :)