Thursday, January 24, 2008

more LOADS

Been pretty busy trying to keep up with my LOAD pages and running back and fourth to school and counting $$ for the Chocolate Rose Pops fundraiser i have manged to do these no#23 used Page Maps sketch-challenge from TSS LOAD #25-lifted from Jill P over at the
Got some super OBER good news today!Susan Griggs (from Park Ave) asked if I would like a job!!Yvonne recommended me she works with Susan. Here is a description of the the position for Special Friend Program-provides an enjoyable play experience that is child-directed in order to help the child overcome barriers to learning This form of intervention is to improve social skills. The Special Friend see children (1st-2nd) who are at-risk for having problems. Sounds perfect to me :) so i will drop off my application over at the BOE tomorrow and I guess get finger printed and take it from there!Just need to tie up some loose ends with the hours looking for 10hrs just trying to see if i can do an afternoon and get babysitting for Aaron. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!woo hoo haven't worked in 7 yrs kinda scary but exciting!
TFL and enjoy the rest of your week!

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Leah said...

Oh wow, how exciting Michelle!! Hopefully you won't take on too much. Love the new layouts, their just gorgeous! WTG for keeping up with the LOAD!!