Friday, May 30, 2008

HaPpY FriDaY

I got an ultrasound done on Wednesday to make sure everything was good with our little man!and i have to say he is the cutest thing evera!yes even in ultrasound pictures he was hiding a bit but you can see his face just the cutest thing evera! one has a picture of him with his hand in front of his face kind of hard to see, but reminds me of someone (Aaron)! not sure you can see his face that well but here they are anyway :)

One of my very favorite layouts...really love the way this came out!
Here are some more pictures of Aaron-I still cannot believe I have done stuck to this!!I did miss one day but overall pretty good if i don't say so myself! Thanks Jessica 2Croppin Cousinz for the great challenge!now to work on that mini album for this!
May 28th
May 29th-looking handsome with his new haircut ;)
2 more pictures for this month and Aaron's 30 days of being stalked everyday for a picture is over!I am sure he will be happy about that!!lol
Kyle watch out b/c your next!
We are off to New Jesery this weekend for my baby shower very excited to see everyone! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
TFL :)


emelyn said...

WOW..that 3D image looks really cool!! And WTG for finishing up your 30day challenge, it's such a great idea and love the mini book idea, too!!

Stacey said...

I lOVE that bathtub layout!! Super cute pics and page!!! I am so excited for your little one to be here so we get to see him! :) Hope you are feeling good!!!