Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Pictures from our day at Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk...

Aaron gave us a HUGE scare today!i was in the ladies room and Doug had the boys with him and they were washing there hands and Aaron manged to get out with Kyle (who came in the ladies room to talk to me)and Aaron didn't realize Kyle went in there so when I came out I asked Doug "where's Aaron?" he said "don't you have him" I said "No he went in the bathroom with you" so we looked over by the sting rays were we were last not there, Doug than started runnying around looking for him. I asked the man at the booth if he say him he called a Code Adam (not a great thing to hear) security came down a few minutes later we looked ALL OVER we bumped into Doug a few times its only 2 floors not that big. Kyle was crying he was scared we lost Aaron forever!i was trying not to cry!so finally after searching the floors for at least 10 minutes for some reason we decide to go to the front door and there he was being held by a police officer (Thank you policer officer sorry didn't get his name)He told us he found him outside!!!Angels were watching over him (thank you Pop-Pop)
Aaron was crying, Kyle was crying I was crying!!ugh for sure a Mother's Day I will never forget!!I think after that Aaron was a bit freaked out he wanted to come home. When we were leaving Aaron told us he went to the car and couldn't find us so he left the building went around the corner and crossed a street to the car!thank goodness he is safe and it was a happy ending!

so after that CrazinESS! We took a walk around town than we went out to eat to my VERY favorite place in the world!!! Outback Steakhouse :) super yumm-O than we came home rested for a bit than went to get some ice cream at Double Twister. that was my Mother's Day hope everyone enjoyed there day with there family!
from yesterday

My pictures for my 30 day photo Challenge of Aaron
May 9th
May 10th One I took of Kyle practicing his throwing very determined face!



emelyn said...

OMG!! Michelle!! How totally scary that must have been. How brave for him to cross the street and even remember where the car was. THANK GOD he is safe and sound...he was surely BLESSED!

Happy Mother's Day!

Jeanette said...

mfHow scary! That happened to me once with one of my twins when she was two. We were are a restaurant near the inlet. I'm so glad everything is ok!

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

What a scare you had. I am glad your mothers day ended on a good note though.

Donna said...

I feel you about having a kid disappear while dad was supposed to be "watching" him. My heart skipped about 10 beats reading this today. Those thoughts still scare me.

Aside form that... You all are looking so good. I cannot believe you are almost done being pregnant. You are looking not tired at all in those pics. How much longer now???

Leah C said...

oh my gosh, my heart sank reading this.. Thank Heavens for Guardian Angels. So happy everything turned out ok!~