Friday, May 23, 2008

Little scrapping and some pictures

May 20th-Running some errands looking too cute in the back seat!May 21st (not sure why this is so small?) at Park Ave Art Expo & Ice Cream May 22nd Aaron getting a treat from the "special" treat jar..though i am not 100% sure he is sitting on the toliet instead he is taking his pull up off and dumping his #2's in the toliet, its a start right??..
May 23rd..sleepy head..Tallyscrapper had a make a layout, card and card Challenge they had to have something in common using your scraps etc.. well I made two cards one was actually suppose to be an ATC card oooppsss oh well scrapped regardless :)

I used this song from Leo Sayer(i think??can't remember its on my blog) When I Need You..really love this song!
Went to a Yankee & Oriole game Thursday (5/22) Yankees won 2-1 YIPPEEEE
here are some pictures from our adventure...(sorry they are backwards too lazy to fix them)

My man Derek
A-RodKyle went on an eating frenzy!!!SOME of the food he ate... Sugar..aka..cotton candy...
Dots Chocolate ice cream
this was taken towards the end of the night shaking his groove thing ;)

When we first go there we went to Monument Park

Saw some of the Yankees warming up this is Daryl Razner(sp?)pitcher might night even be the right name!!need to ask DH again!lol
well he ROCK'D Kyle's world and Doug's he threw Kyle a ball!!kyle was super excited but i really think doug was more than Kyle!! Kyle & Dad..this is were the eating frenzy started with some Cracker Jacks (the game didn't even start yet!!)
Well I forgot to take Aaron's picture for today so maybe I will one of him sleeping!had a ROUGH day today!tomorrow will be better!!

Have a great Memorial Day and thanks for stopping by!


Donna said...

Love all the new pics, Michelle! I really LOVE tha new banner of you and the boys!

Oh Scrap!! said...

Is on my to do list to go to the Yankee Stadium as well as Shea Stadium this year since is their last year, I actually can walk to Shea Stadium from home, never been there you know how it is, glad you had the chance to go and got a ball, how cool!