Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

First off thank you to all the men & woman who serve our country!!

Layout I did of Doug & Aaron love this photo of them!This was taken on Mother's Day -one of Aaron's favorite things to do is too ride on Dads shoulders!

May 24th can you tell Aaron has had a enough of me taken a picture of him!LOL
May 25th took the boys to the Military Museum had a great time they got to go on some of the tanks and other vehicles totally Aaron's heaven!army men and tanks!May 26th-hanging outside playing his gameboy(probably TOm & Jerry)Some GreAt friends of mine Karen & Naomi had a baby shower for me!!!What a surprise I soo APPREICATE there kindness and thoughtfulness of thinking of me (us). Got some diapers definte must have!! and some cute outfits and bibs!I LOVE friends THAT rOck!
My beautiful & Delious cake!!
Naomi had a project for us girls to do paint onesies for the baby I got to do a big t-shirt for myself and I decorated it and the girls(adults)signed it. really cute project the kids had a blast and so did the adults maybe a little more fun the the kids. Got to hold Justice he is 1 month old so tiny!!!!I cant believe

Thank you girls it was really sweet of you to throw me shower...xoxoxooxoxxoo

Had a nice 3 day weekend!boys had a great time a bit cranky from being up late getting up somewhat early!hopefully tomorrow they won't sleep in late which i am sure they will since they now they have school!


Leah C said...

You are absolutely glowing.. so stunning. So happy the girls threw you a shower! Love the t-shirt and onesies :)

emelyn said...

aww, your baby shower looks super fun. baby is coming SOON!!

just lisa said...

What beautiful photos of your baby shower!! How sweet is that - a wonderful surprise!! I bet you can't wait to scrapbook those pictures. I love your blog header - very sweet!!znckhh

Jenny said...

I've been wondering about you and how you are doing! Come visit us at ScrapLove!!!