Sunday, June 29, 2008


thats right! I am going to the hospital today (Sunday)not sure what time??to get induced and HOPEFULLY it won't be a LONG process!!so anxious to met this stubborn little guy he is so comfy or just hears the chaos going on in the outside world and would rather stay inside than come out!some days i could see why!!lol My parents and sister came up we had a nice BBQ and hung out. Thank you Dad for helping Doug put the AC in you made a pregg-O woman VERY happy :) My Mom will be here while I am in the hospital to take care of the boys, hopefully they will behave and not fight too much!!GOOD LUCK! Monday they start camp so it will give her some sanity!!hang in there MaMa-you can do it (in my best Rob Snyder voice)!!lol and thanks for helping me/us out~oxox!
So I won't be around for awhile so if you are checking in that is why I will be having my BaBy! wish me luck and will hopefully get back to scrapping and some kind of schedule!
So have a good week stay cool and I will be back with our undecided/name-less baby boy #3 really hoping I get my way and get to name him Max see if i can get Doug to budge on that!!~he's stubborn (no wonder where #3 boy gets it!)

okay i am outta here as you can see i can't sleep been up for 2hrs! so i am going to try to catch some more rest before i get the call!!


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Jessica said...

ohh I'm anxiously awaiting an update and some pics......Love You!! XOXOX