Thursday, June 19, 2008

38 weeks...

and anxiously awaiting for "name-less boy" to come!I've been told that if we name him he will come so I guess I need to get working on it PRONTO!! i really thought (hoping) i was going to go early with #3 since i was earlier with my other 2 but i guess this one is in no hurry!Wish he would we are all so ANXIOUS to met you!!!!
My computer was sick the last 2 days :( I haven't had my laptop been on Doug's so didn't' have my links to my usually favorites places to hang out. and THANKFULLY i didn't lose any of my pictures (thank you Doug xoxo)all my pictures have been put on CD!

Make sure you back up your photos TODAY!!

so needless to say i don't have much to share with you!you would think I would since i haven't' had my just been busy with teacher's gifts getting the last bit together for Kyle's teacher(s) his last day is Friday he is super excited and sad he will miss his friends! but will see them in summer camp that starts at the end of the month.

Doug went on an interview today at Danbury Hospital he thinks it went pretty well :) keep us in your prayers if it was meant to be he will get the job! i know he is a bit nervous being that he has been at his job for 20yrs hard to leave it! but i think in the long run he is better off! they have been talking about 'out' sourcing his dept. so never now what will happen! He is a hard worker and I think he deserves more credit than they give him!

Anywhoo that's about it here beside besides being patiently (trying to be)waiting to go into labor!trying to not get down on it I know i should enjoy it but i think i am more excited to me this little guy :)

I will keep you all updated if IT happens :) i will take a picture tomorrow and show you how BIG the belly is getting!and pray i don't have a BIG baby I am trying not to get FREAKED out!!!! and been feeling kinda of in a gloomy mood need to snap out of it! pray i go into labor VERY soon and get out of my funky moody been feeling really grumpy/snappy lately and i hate that feeling!

Thanks for stopping in sorry i don't have any eye cand to look at!!i will do better next time i promise (hope i can keep it!!)

enjoy your weekend!!


Lisa J. said...

Michelle I am so excited for you!!! :)

emelyn said...

I'm so excited for you and your family and can't wait to meet new nameless baby boy :)

Good luck to Doug!!