Sunday, June 8, 2008

how to stay cool when its 90+..

Slip N Slide baby!!Pulled this sucker out today the last 2 days its been 90 something, HOT & HUMID!! Doug, Kyle & Matt went to the Yankee game today I was suppose to go and I decided I didn't want to go being 8 months preggo and sitting in the heat wouldn't be to enjoyable!so I stayed home with Aaron and we hung out we were going to go to Rogers Park and go to the water park but i guess its closed on Sunday so we went to Target to get some pictures developed and of course after i got my order in in the middle of processing my order they were having problems with there machine so needless to say I didn't get my pictures!ggrrrr. I got myself some p.j. for the hospital and some shirts for the summer super cheap $3.47 can't beat that! and I got a wicker bag with green polka dots on the inside of it super uber cute!!not like i need another bag but i could't resist the price was right $2.50...And last night we took the boys to see Kung Fu Panda give it 5 stars really funny!!we cracked up the boys were hysterical on definte must see! without further ado here are some picture (yes i took TONS more) of Aaron staying cool and Mom enjoying watching him have fun even in 90 something heat!

sprinkles on the bellygetting him on the butt..silly kid!still a little hesitate on running and sliding all the way down on your belly but you are getting there! you are more pushing yourself down it!
Hello..*heart* this picture!
not the best picture but this is my NEW hipster camera strap got some skulls on it and its PINK!! could always use some girly-ness with all these boys running around ;) and that is the bag i got the inside thinking of going back and getting 2 more for Kyles' teachers to put there gifts in something cheap and cute for the summer! I bought this from esty store
What a Hoot by Kristie
thinking i might order another one for the winter..thinking after awhile this might get a little dirty!
Oh and we got our (some-8) windows put in our house yesterday and our screen door!!super stoaked about that! love that i can have my front door open and get a breeze when there is one! looks great!! can't believe how happy a screen door can make me happy :)

And today is my girls Julie(scraps) birthday!!WOOhOO hope you have a FABULOUS day girly!!!
you can check out her blog on the >right side column (julie)...

thats it for today!have a SUPER busy week ahead of me! Volunteer appreciation luncheon, Kyle's field trip (tyring to get out of) though i want to go just to hot going to Sherwood Isle beach!, wednesday i have a doctors appt. hoping something is going "ON", Thursday night have our Special Friend pizza & ice cream farwell party, Friday Aaron graduates pre-school and will no longer be going to Hayestown(wooHOO)super happy about that!, Kyle has field day that i will be helping out in the afternoon in was suppose to be last Friday cancelled due to rain. other than that thats about it and who nows maybe inbetween all that I will go into LABOR!! :) I was hoping this week I go, but will settle for early the following week! fingers crossed :)

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Tana said...

Love the photos. Great angles too. Fun Camera strap also.

emelyn said...

LOVE the slip and slide pictures...I really think I want to get the kids on of those. Now, we just need the heat. It's been pretty cold lately!

Anonymous said...

Now that is some summer those pics!

Leah C said...

LOVE the angles of the shots... lucky thing.. I need a hipster!! Hope your last few weeks are comfortable as can be for you!

gail said...

Love your blog and the slip and slide rocks!!