Friday, June 6, 2008

just a little something..

Here is a card I made for Brianna for her graduation she graduated last week from Art/photography school (got the idea of this card from Pink Paislee blog) super proud of her!!really LOVE this card was hard to give it up!lol
I made some thank you cards for my shower ... Here are some pictures of the boys thought I would share..
Kyle jammin' walking backwards w/his mp3 player!
so sweet Aaron holding Kyle's hand giving it a kiss!!love these special moments!

Well I am 36 weeks and cannot believe how fast it has gone!though some days it felt like it too forevera to get here and i have 4 wks left!!!but honestly I am ready to go next week!!keeping my fingers crossed that I do! I went early with my other 2 so hoping I will be the same!but since i am ready I am sure that i will have to wait the 4wks left!lol I will take a picture tonight (hopefully) of my growing belly!okay as promised here are some pictures of th BaBy BeLLy! gonna have doug help me take some better pictures using my tripod and get these two sillies to cooperate with me!

Tomorrow we are getting our new windows in FINALLY a year and half later such a LONG story that is!!big HEADACHE! and we are getting our new screen door!!SUPER excited to get it! Funny b/c Doug literally went through our old screen door tripped coming up the steps and came through it!!scared the crap out of me, but it was freaking hilarious!!!When we ordered our new door Kyle said "Dad why are we going to get a new screen door so you can break it again"?LOL that boy cracks me up!!

Hope to get some scrapping done this weekend, not sure it will happen with the windows and Sunday have a Yankee game to go too and its suppose to be in 90's HOT & HUMID perfect weather for being pregnant!!yuck!

here are some pictures I took of the boys can never get a decent one with both of them smiling at the same time, Kyle not putting on his "wuz up dude" look/in his new York accent..or Aaron saying "happy Moms day" and looking the other way or with his mouth open! and looking in one direction!boys are difficult to take pictures!
oKAY enough of my ramblings...enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by :)

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emelyn said...

Your boys are soo cute and SWEET!
They are going to be so inlove with your new baby. It's also good they can hang out with each other and let you have new baby time!! :)